Myattjat Feska

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Myattjat Feska
Feska Portrait.jpeg
Biographical Information
Race Togorian
Homeworld Togoria
Mother Katzesys Feska, Togorian
Father Kaseo Mant, Togorian
Born Year 0, Day 31
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 178 cm
Coloring Blue Tabby Fur
Hair Color Beige with Blue Highlights
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Kornova Corp
Title Cat Lady with Guns
Prior Affiliation Fleet Marshal, CorSec
Cat Lady with Guns (Admiral), The Cooperative
[HC-3] Supreme Commander, The Hyporian Commonwealth

Myattjat Feska is a female Togorian working in Kornova Corp.


Early Life

To Be Added



In Year 17 Day 31, Myattjat Feska was approached by a CorSec Recruitment Officer. After a short discussion and evaluation, Myattjat signed a document that made her an official recruit for CorSec’s Smuggler Interdiction Division (SID). Wasting no time, Myattjat packed her few belongings and boarded the a slow transport heading to CorSec’s HQ on Corellia. Feska would spend most of the 3 week journey reading various articles on the Holonet, trying to learn more about the state of the galaxy. She arrived on Corellia in Year 17 Day 53.

Feska received her formal training on New Plympto. Over the next several weeks, Feska completed various tasks and in doing so, rapidly climbed the ranks of CorSec. In Y17 D97, she was promoted to the rank of Fleet Marshal and placed in charge of managing the ships of SID.


Feska's ascension to Fleet Marshal was not without its troubles. Grand Marshal Neria Derycke, had just begun her project to restructure CorSec to better accommodate the newer modern issues. Eager to prove herself, Myattjat enthusiastically volunteered to help with multiple projects including but not limited to, rearranging fleet deployments, managing logistics, and renovating planetary infrastructure.

Inevitably, after three weeks of non-stop action, Myattjat had finally burned herself out. Her subordinates reported having last seen her quietly filing a leave of absence request before disappearing with a promise to return.


"It's good to be back."
— Myattjat Feska, Y17 D164

On Y17 D160, Feska first announced her return to active duty to her fellow officers. By Y17 D164, a calmer, slightly more focused, but no less dedicated Togorian had rejoined her fellow officers, determined to do her part, to make the galaxy a safer place. Feska was last seen departing on a long trip to personally inspect the entire CorSec fleet.

(Y18 D142, Tynnani System, Search for Meridian Frigates, Stepping down to serve as Redjon Mirrabel's 2IC.)

Return Part 2

(Y19 D310, Post-Hosnian Crisis, Reclaiming Fleet Marshal Rank, CorSec Fleet and Defense Modernization Program, More To Be Added)

The Cooperative

(Y20 D250 Corellian Conflict) (Jakku) (Y20 D334 End of the Cooperative) (More To Be Added)

The Hyporian Commonwealth

(Y20 D347 Rise of the Commonwealth) (Time as Commander in Chief) (Y21 D15 Retirement) (More To Be Added)

Kornova Corp

(To Be Added)



Feska is a young Togorian about 1.8 meters tall. Her fur is patterned with bluish-gray patterns on beige. She has bright and playful orange eyes. Feska’s tail long enough to brush the ground and is covered in the same patterns as the rest of her body. When she is off duty, she typically wears a plain gray t-shirt, desert cargo pants, custom-made combat boots, and a custom-made CSF cap. The pants, boots and cap are all modified to accommodate Feska’s feline ears and digitigrade legs.