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Nerianthus is a member of the Urdina plant family. Indigenous to Corellia, Nerianthus has become quite popular in horticultural circles as a hardy annual, adding a dash of unexpected color to window gardens and planters throughout the galaxy.


Known to scientists as Bellus nerianthus Nerianthus is closely related to the glowweed (B. anthe) which is found growing wild throughout much of the inner core. While the glowweed emits soft blue light, Nerianthus operates slightly differently. It uses its photoreceptors to convert light into energy. Some of that energy makes it to the leaves where specialized cells call phoic tubules convert this energy back into light, which is then projected through the leaves. This internal projection of light outward produces the tropical looking colors on Nerianthus' leaves that are distinctive of the species. Nerianthus is the only known species of plant able to convert light into energy and, as such, is of great interest to scientists attempting to create new lighting methods.


Nerianthus is not just of interest to scientists. As one of a small number of annuals to produce blue flowers, Nerianthus is valued in the garden for the splash of rare color it brings. Being that it is also fairly hardy, it is fairly common in planters throughout the galaxy and has become Corellia's leading plant export. It does have some drawbacks however. It is an annual, so it will die off after it completes its growing season and produces seeds. It also requires near complete shade on most worlds, as heavy sun exposure overloads its photoreceptors and causes the plant to wilt. It also requires a notoriously expensive set up to grow from seed in a pot so only big distributors and science teams can afford to do so. However, the rarity of its color and its unique ability are sure to keep it popular with sentients throughout the galaxy.