Nicholas Umbra

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Nicholas Umbra
Nicholas Umbra.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Gamorrean
Homeworld Gamorr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Subpro Corporation
Positions Recruitment Officer
Awards None

Abandoned in the wilderness at birth by his family for being undersized, the infant Nicholas was found by a Hapan researcher and his wife. Having no children of their own the couple decided to take him back to their homeworld. Nicholas proved to be a very useful test subject for the genetics research project they were working on. What followed was several years of genetic enhancement, to increase mental acuity, improve his physical condition and reduce aggressive genetic tendencies.

As Nicholas grew older. he never found it easy to integrate himself into life on Hapan and always felt out of place. His restlessness and need for physical activity meant that school work was difficult for him and it was only in sport that Nicholas excelled. Nicholas soon made a name for himself on the field and off as someone who had a very direct way of dealing with an obstacle: Go straight through it. His genetic enhancement was not entirely successful in removing all aggressive tendencies, and it is advised that a calm and repectful approach should be used when talking with him as he is sensitive to criticism and prone to violence when embarrassed.

With less than admirable grades at school Nicholas began training as a pilot but his family insisted that he attend University. His sporting excellence granted him a place at one of the Hapan universities, and he soon began his undergraduate diploma in Engineering.Studies didn't not come easily to the young Gamorrean and it looked like he might have to drop out, when he met a studious and hardworking young lady called Samantha, also studying at the University. The young lady happily agreed to assist Nicholas catch up with his grades. Looking beyong the thick skin and tusks Samantha took the time to notice the kind hearted young man inside and respect grew to friendship which finally blossomed into love.

After completing his studies the young graduate approached his girlfriend's family to discuss their plans to marry. The meeting did not go well and the young lovers were forced to flee off world and were married soon after. They are now working hard to secure their new lives together in an uncertain Galaxy.