Nir Wana Antaria

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Nir Wana Antaria
Biographical Information
Race Gran
Homeworld None
Mother Reina Jevy Azrockt(Deceased)
Father Ircon Wana Sr(Deceased)
Spouse Ann Yael-Antaria (Deceased)
Siblings Ircon Wana Jr (location or status unknown), Nevea Wana (Deceased at birth)
Children Annie Wana Antaria (Gran)  and Azero Wana Antaria (Anzati)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1m 85cm
Political Information
Affiliation The Avance Coalition
Alpha Medical Corps
House Asclepius


Having a history of hired forces, Nir's family members have a tendency of dieing young.  After the clan got banished from Malastare and wasn't welcome at Hog nor at Kinyen - The leader of the clan had given his word to overthrow a corrupt leader, but had to back out before hand -  the Wana never had what one may call a home world and they were  space-nomads for many generations.  Before Nir reached the age of seven, less than ten members of his clan, the Wana, were still alive, all others had died fighting at either side of a war, whoever payed most, or getting in the middle of a conflict unintentionally.

On his 7th birthday, Nir's both parents, who trained him for mercenary since birth, died in a "low risk" mission, or so did the New Anzat Order call it. A distant family member, Olgrey Wana, who was pilot for a band of traders took Nir in and thought him how to pilot just about any vehicle, at least, up to a certain point... at which the band of traders were attacked by pirates, all survivors were enslaved and put to work in mines...

a small group of 20 younglings managed to escape at an unguarded time, young Nir was one of the leading figures in this escape, along with his friend Aze Rothlar (that he got to know on Olgrey's ship) by stealing a small supplyship from those pirates. Tho freedom made him lose his authority over the others.. after wandering around in space, they all started to go their separate ways, finally leaving Nir on his own on Endor barely of age owning nothing when the last two of his crew left to grow some children. Now that Aze had left him too, he better started looking for someone to take him in, as he was stranded on Endor.

Here, for the first time, Nir finds hope, hope of avenging his parents, and hope for plain happiness... when he first lay eyes on a recruitment board of the Avance Coalition, Nir's eyes lit up, he finally found a way to get in control of his own life, which, after all, is the first step towards his final destination, the destruction of the New Anzat Order, who were responsible for his parents deaths and everything that followed.

In a hurry, as if his life depended on it, Nir applied to the Avance Coalition and  merely two days after his request he was picked up by a member of the academy, that he never heard or saw since.  Once arrived at the academy, Nir moved around a bit, uncertain of where to go, waiting for the time his training would start, he explored the academy and gained knowledge anywhere he could find it.  After a month hanging around on the academy, new courses started and he finally would make his first step closer to his end goal.

Here Nir discovered his natural skills for working with computers, maybe a nice future as city builder would lie before him.  Nir learned a lot at the academy, amongst other things how to behave around superiors.  Superiors… Nir had always had a thing against them, more in particular, those misusing that status.  The word alone used to make Nir revolt, as no sentient would ever be superior to Nir, at very least, he’d be equal.

Once Kaia Zula – Nirs trainer - had pushed Nir to completion of his training at the Leviathan Academy,  Nir was able to start working for his money.  He started off as pick up personnel for the Civil Affairs department, but soon he became a trainer as well at the Gundark Academy: the opposing side of the Leviathans.

 During the same period, Leto Polaris invited Nir to House Asclepius (HA), a to be formed medically orientated minor house of the Coalition.  Here, Nir got to know Ann Yael-Antaria, a beautiful Anzati that was only a couple hundred years older than Nir.   Ann and he seemed to feel the same way about many things, and after the so many nights spent discussing the things they wanted to see different in the house, they wound up in a passionate kiss.

After a couple of months  Leto made the mistake of going into an adventure with the LMC, despite other house-members wishes.  Some things went very wrong and HA fell on the brink of disaster.  Leto, acknowledged his mistakes and stepped down as leader of the house, Nir followed in his footsteps, taking on the great responsibility of bringing HA back on track.

As his first action, Nir ended all outstanding treaties and gathered a fund to rebuild HA.  In the meanwhile Ann and Nir grew closer, though kept their relationship still mainly behind the scenes.

After a while Nir got the opportunity to join the ASF in addition to his Civil Affairs work, and jumped right on it.   Now mainly doing his training work over a screen in his assigned ship, Nir did all he could to help secure Avance space.  It didn’t take his superiors long to find out he had decent building skills, so he was set on a track where he would build defense systems on all planets in Avance space, as well as start major colonization projects.

It had taken a full year for HA to get on its feet, and in the meanwhile, Ann and Nir had grown so close to each other that they married on the first birthday of their house: day 60 of the year 8.  It was a big marriage, with literary hundreds of people on the guestlist.  Nirs boss, Consul Torrick took care of the arrangements and led the ceremony.   Soon after the marriage, Nir found out he was going to be father of a twin,  a double blessed twin even, one boy and one girl it would be, even more so,  the girl would have dominant genes of her father, the boy would have dominant ones of his mother. 

 Exciting times were on the verge of happening, not only with his wife being pregnant, but also Ann and Nir were finally starting up a Medical faction, financed by their employer the SRE.  They would dub it Alpha Medical Corps, hopefully a new strong wing in the SRE family.

A couple of months later things didn't look that well for Nir, his house and his faction...  First Aze Rothlar died in an accident while on his way to collect the first batches of medical supplies, and a few months later he lost his wife in labour.  Fortunately, the twin survived.  In his friend and his wife's memory, he called them Annie and Azero... And he would start a new chapter in his life, reboot house Asclepius and Alpha med, where both had lost the 2IC and a valuable member in a very short period of time...