Novastar Transportation

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Novastar Transportation
Novastar Transportation logo.png
General Information
Motto "Your Gateway to the Galaxy"
Status Active
Leader Damij Maximus
Owner Damij Maximus,
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Transportation


Welcome to Novastar Transportation. We are a full service, neutrally aligned transportation organization that is determined to fullfill any and all of the transportation needs you or your organization may require. Customer service is what we care about the most. We strive to make our clients feel comfortable that their possessions are being transported with care and attention to detail. Safety, efficiency and communication are the tools we use to ensure all of your needs are met and that you receive guaranteed satisfaction.


Around the time of day 320 Year 12, two sentients met through a mutual third party and began a civil relationship. As they communicated and began to understand more and more of each other, they realized that they both had the same reoccurring problems when it came to organizing and retrieving their belongings. With the constant advancements in technology, it has become increasingly easier to acquire goods and resources from virtually anywhere in the galaxy with just the push of a button and an electronic transfer of credits. This often often ends up with belongings scattered across a large amount of territory. Since neither of them were traders, they often wanted to gather their belongings in one convenient location. This was where their frustrations began.

There seemed to be a few transportation companies listed on the Galactic service posts, but there never seemed to be a consistent one. The excuses were many: there weren't enough pilots or the pickup would take awhile because we are finishing up another assignment or even just a message to put your name on the list and hope sometime gets back to you or even no communication at all, which was always the most infuriating. Efficiency, communication and customer service never appeared to be handled seriously or with respect to the clients. Maybe the two were dealing with the wrong companies. Maybe their requests were too large and irrational and not taken seriously. Whatever the case, their frustrations were enough for them to decide to combine their desire for quality service with the obvious need for a top notch transportation organization.

Thus, NovaStar Transportation was born. While relatively new to the business world of the galaxy, NovaStar will grow to become one of the premier organizations in the history of the galaxy.