Oniworld Security Services

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Oniworld Security Services
OSS Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Michael Takeda
2IC Felidae Takeda
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 317
Dissolved Year 16 Day 70
Political Information
Affiliation Oniworld
Industry Mercenary
Holosite OSS

OSS was founded as the security arm of Oniworld, a ship manufacturer. It's primary mission is to protect Oniworld staff and installations from hostile forces thus ensuring smooth operations.

Oniworld Security Services, or OSS for short, raises as the right hand of Oniworld in order to bring freedom and justice to the galaxy, holding the ethical and honesty principles of Takeda's family OSS is under the leadership of experienced warriors working all across the galaxy to protect everyone and everywhere of evil that is always surrounding us all.

As a faction dedicated to protect OSS provides support from citizens to factions that wishes to obtain a more secure life, all facilities and stations of mercenary factions are avaliable to you for a reasonable price so does services too. Just to resume you can get from us everything you have always dreamed to get from a faction of protection. Diferent kinds of jobs are also avaliable through us, like transporting, scouting or have fun hunting with friends.

Oniworld Security Services, a place for you in a faction like you. There at Boonta VI is going to be easy for you to find us all, do not waste your time, welcome to us because we are a part of you...