Pandana Merida

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Pandana Merida is a Corellian woman just getting her start in the galaxy.

Pandana Merida
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Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Nar Shaddaa
Mother Aneriana Merida
Father Unknown
Born Year -9 Day 128
Died Year 17 Day 326 Age 27
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 164cm
Weight 59kg
Coloring Pale flesh tone
Hair Color Natually Brunette but Dyed Purple
Eye Color Dark Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Classified
Title Classified
Rank Classified
Positions Classified


Name of some people and groups were withheld for the safety of all involved.

Life, Death, Life

Early Life(year -9)

Pandana was born on Nar Shaddaa to Aneriana Merida, A pleasure girl in one of the many bars on Corellia. Her mother did not know who her father was, it could be of been any one of the many men. Aneriana did not care and loved her with all of her heart. After Pandana's birth Aneriana wanted to find legitimate work. The problem was the pleasure girl business didn't pay well, so she would save up as much money as she could from every night so her and Pandana leave Corellia.

Her Mothers Death(year 4)

On night 13 years later while waiting out side of the bar for her mother to get off work. Pandana started to get worried after almost a hour had past with out any sign of Aneriana. A cry for help from a nearby ally way sounded like her mother. As Pandana neared the corner the female voice had gone quiet and all she could her was a man grunting and then a groan. She rounded the corner and found her mother lying on the ground with a large gash spilling blood out of the wound. Later that night at the hospital her mother passed away. The cause of death was severe trauma to the brain which caused her brain to swell. There was nothing that could have been done to save her. It was at that point that she swore she would find out who did this and make him pay.

Life Alone (year 5-6)

Pandana spent the next year roaming the streets trying to find out anything about who killed her mother. After a year the credits her mother had saved up were gone. She now was parentless, creditless, and homeless. She resorted to stealing to survive. At first it was only food from stalls so she did not starve. To her surprise, it came naturally. She quickly learned pick pocketing. She was doing fine until one day she was caught pick pocketing the wrong person. She found out that it was one of the major underworld leaders of Nar Shaddaa. Instead of having her killed he took pity on her and took her under his wing. This was the start of a whole new life.

New Life of Crime

Learning the Ropes (Year 6-7)

After she was taken in by the organization they trained her. She was a quick learner picking up everything so quickly it shocked the heads of the organization were impressed with her. She quickly rose through the ranks becoming an enforcer. Her mind started to wander to her mother again. She brought it up to the leader and he said he would put some sources on it. She continued to serve them for a year.

Year 7

Finally one day the leader came to her and told her that he found out who was responsible for Pandana's mothers death. He told her that it was someone in the organization but rules stated that they couldn't kill one another. He made an offer that she could leave just so she could avenge her mother. That very same day she confronted the one responsible for her years of loneliness and despair. It didn't take long for the man to be begging for his life, and stating the rule of not killing it's own members. Pandana looked at him with pain seething in her eyes. "I am no longer part of this organization." as she squeezed the trigger. Blowing the back of his head. She walked away and headed to the big man and told him that the job was done. He told her that he could not help her very much but gave her a T-wing and a few thousand credits bid her farewell.

New Beginnings

Year 7-Present

Taking the ship she headed to the outer rim to find her own way. She found her way to a mercenary unit. All other information is classified.


Pandana was a ship collector her prized ship was her YT-510 with the call sign The Amy Rose.