Phyllis Skittles

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Phyllis Skittles
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kamino
Siblings Alita Skittles, Agmund Skittles
Born Year -6, Day 348
Died Year 14, Day 36
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'11
Hair Color Polychromatic
Eye Color Polychromatic
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance

Spawned on Year -6, Day 348 in an illegal cloning laboratory on Kamino, Phyllis Skittles was the result of an insane Kamonian's genetic engineering. Her horn, and the color of her eyes and hair were, as the mad Kaminoan put it, an "artistic touch".

From birth (if her strange entrance into the galaxy could truly be called that), she was taught reading and writing, infantry command, and tea making. (At one point during her rearing, she was asked what she would like to learn in her free time, and she chose tea. The reasoning behind this kindness still escapes her, in light of later events.) Despite her martial training, Phyllis remained a happy, friendly soul, concerning herself with making friends, giving nicknames to things, and fine tea.

She was also familiarized with the use of small arms, starship piloting, and computer operations. Unfortunately for her, the experiment was not as sucessful as her creator had hoped, and she was slated for termination. Fortunately for Phyllis, she overheard a group of Kaminoans discussing how best to exterminate her. After overcoming her initial shock and grief that the beings she thought of as her parents would kill her without a second thought, she realized that she had to escape, and began to hatch a plan.

When her caretaker came in that night to bring her supper, Phyllis killed her by first impaling her on her horn, then snapping her neck before she could call for help. Sneaking onto the landing platform of her lab's complex, she had the good fortune to discover a ship that had landed for emergency repairs, and stowed away in the cargo hold. Her unwitting transporter left the next day, and Phyllis stayed hidden in his ship for almost three days. Alone, hungry and dehydrated (in her rush to escape the lab, she had forgotten her supper, which turned out to be to her benefit, as her masters had finally settled on poison as her method of disposal), she came dangerously close to becoming delirious.

Eventually, she became so hungry and dehydrated that she was forced to reveal her presence to the ship's owner. Once again, fate smiled upon her, as the captain took pity on her, feeding her and giving her a fresh set of clothes (after disarming her, of course). Eventually, she was able to acquire a ship of her own, the Firespray-Class Interceptor Legendary Chicken Fairy. She chose to travel the galaxy on her own, trying to build a financial base to fund ventures of her choosing. During this time, Phyllis became proficient in the Noghri martial art known as Stava[1]. She practiced the art at every opportunity, hoping to someday become a master.

Later in her life (Year 14 Day 25), Phyllis came down with the Metamorphosis Plague, overriding her body's immune system and transforming her into a Kiffar. She suffered vomiting, dizziness, increased temperature and fainting spells for about one standard month. Upon recovering and realizing what had happened (and that her eyesight and ability to notice detail had improved exponentially), she decided to look on the bright side of things; she hadn't changed so radically as to be unrecognizable (indeed, she was exactly the same, not counting the difference in her blood), like many less fortunate denizens of the galaxy, and she was still considered a Class A citizen by the Galactic Empire.

Despite her combat proficiency, in Year 14 Day 36, her body was found on the planet Ylesia in Eidola space under suspicious circumstances. Twin trails of dried blood were observed to be leaking from her nostrils, along with the absence of signs of a struggle (signs of an Anzati feeding). Ylesia being a known hunting ground of Syn, an Anzati, she is suspected of involvement in Phyllis Skittles' murder.