Popara Anjiliac Diresto

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Popara The Hutt
Biographical Information
Race Hutt
Homeworld Nal Hutta (suspected)
Siblings Babosa The Hutt (cousin)
Born c. 900 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)
Height 1.81 meters
Weight 1,723 kilograms
Coloring Dull orange and grey
Eye Color Orange/Red
Political Information
Affiliation Anjiliac Kajidic
New Republic
Industrial Automaton
Rank Kajidii
"As a matter of fact, most hutts are among the more intelligent creatures in the Galaxy - or at least the most rational. This tends to give them a certain degree of overconfidence and arrogance, as most superior figures possess in one form or another."
Dante Erinith

Popara Anjiliac Diresto, better known as Popara the Hutt, is the de facto leader of the Anjiliac Kajidic and the first Hutt Kajidii to openly support the New Republic.


Early Years (c. 900 BCGT--35 BCGT)

Given his old age, most who could tell of Popara's youth are in no position to do so, and though his position on the Hutt Grand Council implies that he can trace his own lineage back to Varl, he chooses not to share. For this reason, it is widely believed that he was born sometime around 900 BCGT to an unknown leader of the Anjiliac Kajidic and raised in one of that clan's palaces on Nal Hutta.

First Venture

Popara's first recorded experience came around 650 BCGT as the overseer of slaves for an Ajiliac-owned construction company operating in Nar Kaaga, and it was also his only failure: he struggled to balance the cruelty necessary to ensure control with the restraint to keep slaves fit to work. After nearly 40 years of scant profit, Popara executed all of the slaves in a fit of rage over their lack of progress, leaving the company in dire straits. He was swiftly removed from leadership of the company and disciplined by his kin for the failure. Rather than accept an even lower position as a mere adviser or taskmaster, the Hutt decided to try his hand at pursuing his own venture, confidant that he could succeed on his own terms. It was this experience that turned Popara off to the idea of slavery; he concluded that paid employees and indentured servants were more cost-efficient workers and that slaves were too volatile and fragile a cargo to bother with trading.

Skydove Freight

Gathering what little capital he could through intimidation, blackmail, and even the sale of many of his own treasures, Popara started a small Nar-Shaddaa-based shipping company called Skydove Freight. His early cargo mostly consisted of vehicles and speeders, which he transported throughout Hutt Space for private owners. Skydove quickly gained a reputation for being extremely reliable for its reasonable prices, and many were surprised to learn it was owned and operated by a Hutt. Sensing opportunity from the growing interest, Popara began publishing his yearly financial records in an attempt to display transparency and distance himself from the shady reputation of most his kin. Skydove's first major contract came with TaggeCo after Popara generously replaced the bikes of the Tagge swoop racing team after a competitor lost the bikes in transit to the race.

The terms of the TaggeCo contract were very fair, and, to much publicity, Popara lowered his private rates in its wake despite the increased demand for Skydove's services. Ever the competitor, though, it was not for charity's sake that Popara kept his prices low; he was attempting to corner the market. Economists were astounded that Skydove was able to stay afloat on the meager gains it was bringing in over the course of many decades, but many of its competitors were put out of business during the same stretch, unable to match the dirt-cheap rates. Popara was able to put up with the poor gains for two reasons. First, he knew that half a century of weak profit was much less tolerable for his competitors (many of whom were not so long-lived as a Hutt) than for himself. Second, and more importantly, he was amassing a small fortune under the table smuggling glitterstim and ryll in TaggeCo vehicles.

Rise to Power (35 BCGT--13 CGT)

A New Measure of Power
"Pawa, soong nopa do punyoo coo sa rundee an hasa, soong da coo wanga sa mo sa nopa."
— Popara The Hutt


He is not very trusting of others, yet he can be counted on as one of the most trustworthy of Hutts.


"Last time I was with a Hutt it didn't end well."
Sollas Masha


"Noleeya poonoo, soong chuba kava wanga naga, soong kava wanga hodrudda tah pawap."
— Popara The Hutt

Unlike most other Hutts, much of Popara's capital comes from legitimate business practices, for he believes that legitimate businesses can bring in more wealth than any criminal activities.