Premium Paint and Design

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Premium Paint and Design
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Filithell Arborin
2IC Dek Sulare
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 304
Dissolved Year 15 Day 142
Political Information
Industry Custom portraits and entity paint jobs


From Modest Shop to Incorporated Company

In celebration of the shop's 5th anniversary of serving the artistic needs of the galaxy, the owner transformed the modest shop into an officially incorporated trading company on Year 14 Day 304. To celebrate this accomplishment and to express gratitude to his numerous loyal customers, the owner released many of the shops signature designs to the public at no charge. While the Paint Shop continues its neutrality, trade services align with Tresarian loyalties.


Premium Paint & Design is a private, neutral design shop founded by Filithell Arborin on Day 261 of Galactic Year 9. Providing all manner of artwork to customers, businesses, and governments throughout the galaxy, PPD has become known as a leader in quality and innovation.