RZ7-6113-23 (Planet)

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Planet 3.png
System RZ7-6113-23
Sector Chopani
Galactic Coordinates 12, 385
System Coordinates 7, 10
Astrographic Entry RZ7-6113-23
Type hot/breathable
Primary Terrain: Mountain, Volcanic, Rock, Desert, Grassland, Cave, Crater
Rotational Period 21 standard hours
Orbital Period 352 standard days
Population 178,852
Controlled By The Resistance

RZ7-6113-23 is a volcanic world located in the RZ7-6113-23 system of the Chopani sector. One third of the planet is covered in volcanic lava produced by the many volcanoes present in the planet-spanning mountain range. These mountains also shield the habitable portion of the world from the lava, and it is in these mountains and safe areas that the entire population of the world reside.