Reajiad Nero

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Reajiad Nero
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian[1]
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order
Rank Master
Prior Affiliation Jedi Praxium, Rebel Alliance, New Republic


Human Jedi Master.


  • Rebel Alliance High Ambassador, Diplomacy CO, High Command: Year 3
  • Rebel Alliance Colonel, Phantom Squadron, Starfighter Command: Year 3
  • Chancellor of the Jedi Praxium: Year 5
  • Chancellor of the Jedi Praxium: Year 6
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Executive Ambassador of the New Republic: until Year 8 Day 145
  • Jedi Order


  • YV-666 -- Rays of Hope -- ID80797 -- Formerly JP Academy Flagship


  • Year 5 Day 135 - Released a GNS "The Imperial Information Minister"
  • Year 5 Day 209 - Arrest warrant issued by Samurai from the Galactic Empire
  • Year x Day xxx - Uncovered Ezekiels connection to the Force