Red Fury Brotherhood

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Red Fury Brotherhood
RFB Logo B.png
General Information
Motto We are Brothers in arms and Fury, bathed in the blood of the fallen, the victims of tyranny.
Status Defunct
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 168
Dissolved Year 20 Day 255
Political Information
Affiliation Criminal
Industry Pirate Outfit
Holosite None


The Red Fury Brotherhood was founded out of the Cularin system asteroid belt during the early Clone Wars. As the galaxy fell into chaos, a small band of angered and betrayed sentients came together in the search of a new way of life. Together, they took what they needed without hesitation or remorse, crushing those who stood in their way. As the Galaxy falls victim to yet another civil war, the Brotherhood has re-emerged as a dominate force from the depths of space.

The shadows of corruption and disease have spread to every corner of the galaxy. The weapons of war from self proclaimed government elites are used to force the illusion of “security” upon billions. Betrayed by those looked to for protection, the Brotherhood will stop at nothing to crush the warmongering powers who force their twisted visions of “justice” and “freedom” upon the masses. We will pillage, steal, kidnap, and bring havoc to the galaxies pretenders. We hate you all.

From the farthest reaches of the Outer-Rim to the Core Worlds, we will bring chaos and fear from the depths of space. Your Emperors and Kings will look up from their pools of filth and beg, as we stare down and tell them, “No.”

We do not hold titles proclaiming dominance over others, for we are brothers. We stand united in self rule, and proclaim our freedom from false authority and laws. We are Brothers in arms and Fury, bathed in the blood of the fallen, the victims of tyranny.