Remus-Qui Wraan

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Remus-Qui Wraan
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Aquiliana Wraan
Father Dandros-Nu Wraan
Siblings Unnamed Brother
Born Year -11 Day 284
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Coloring Green, slightly mottled brown
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, Galactic Concordiate, Nautolan Society
Rank High Command
Positions Mandalorian High Council Member, Military Commanding Officer
Prior Affiliation Dusi Raiders
Awards Mandalore Betterment Award, Silver Star, Others


Remus is a green-skinned Nautolan hailing from the watery world of Glee Anselm in the Danju system. He grew up in a village (the name of which is only pronounceable in Nautilla) that was built on the edge of a small swamp island; the villages on and around this island formed a tight-knit community that shares a subtle brown mottling on their skin. While his adolescent life was spent labouring he found an aptitude for a combat lifestyle and has gone on to gain much experience in many different fighting conditions within a band of privateers and in his career in Mandalore.

As his time within Mandalore lengthened observers would come to see him almost constantly in his battle armour though his love for swimming inherent in his species would call for more appropriate swimwear while in the water.

Not long into his enlistment into Mandalore Remus had contacted the galactic Nautolan Society, of which he remains a member to this day.

During his time away from assignment he visits Onderon's jungle moon of Dxun for hunting expeditions with other members of his clan. While not an avid trader Remus has dabbled occasionally into the goods and hardware markets, making good use of bulk purchase options to supply comrades. He has developed a keen understanding of economics and finance, leading to several lucrative returns.

Personal History

Glee Anselm

Remus was born in the village of his ancestors to Dandros-Nu Wraan and Aquiliana Wraan (née Bidoc) and was the eldest of two sons.

Glee Anselm
Glee Anselm

His father Dandros was a carpenter by profession, using the swamp woodland to supply the villagers with building materials but also producing artfully crafted furniture and other pieces to be shipped offworld by the merchant fleet operating in the sector. Though he wasn’t aware of it, Dandros’ name was known in on some wealthy planets as an excellent craftsman; unfortunately this skill was not inherited by his eldest son.

His youngest son, however, began to show signs of skill and his father began to teach him what he knew so the carpentry knowledge could be passed on. Remus fell into the role of the labourer, fetching and carrying the lumber in its varying forms between the swamp and the merchant freighter. While he was not unhappy in this vocation because he was working to better his village and his father’s business he believed it didn’t fulfil his potential. As his teenage years passed their middle his thoughts turned to imagining the life of a merchant sailor – this was his only link to the world outside his village and the other settlements nearby who were not in a technologically advanced part of the planet.

Space Station Jonig

At the age of seventeen he announced his departure from his homeworld. His father gave him a few thousand credits with which to live on until he could set himself up with work and the village bade him a fond farewell as he stepped aboard the merchant freighter he had arranged transport with. Within a few days of travelling with the freighter he learned that life was much more expensive that they had anticipated and he disembarked onto a Republic space station named the Jonig on the fleet’s route and booked himself accommodation and labouring work there.

Jonig Station
Trading-2 class Jonig Station

Only a few weeks after he first arrived the station was attacked by privateers. Upon asking security personnel the reason behind it he was told that they would be aiming to loot and raze the place in revenge for patrols and skirmishes against their nearby base. As the station was evacuated Remus found himself near the back of the crowd heading for the escape shuttles. He ran up the ramp into Republic-owned ship and was immediately set upon, beaten up and thrown out of the ship by the Republic officers aboard, effectively leaving him to die on the station as it burned.

Quickly gathering his strength he shouted curses at the fleeing shuttle and ran around the station fuelling the fires and adding to the destruction in his anger. He ran into the offices to find and loot the vault when he was confronted by the privateers who had rounded the corner ahead of him. After a brief exchange of each party’s intentions they agreed to let Remus ride with them away from the station in return for helping with removing valuables from the place. They all kept to their word and a short time later they left the Jonig for their base.

The Dusi Raiders

The privateers liked Remus and sympathised with his recent conflict while trying to escape with, as he was then told, corrupted and greedy station administrators. It turned out that the administration was taking large payments from the merchant fleet in return for their protection against the groups of privateers operating in the sector but often stopped short of providing the appropriate level of aid, instead letting the merchants be looted and later raiding the privateers so they could then sell the goods and gain the profit for themselves, all the while being given more and more by the merchants to increase their protection.

Young Remus
Remus as a Dusi Raider

Remus agreed to join the privateers, named the Dusi Raiders, on the condition that the attacks on some of the merchant freighters were slowed or halted to protect his father’s income. Over the next couple of years he learned to fight with a variety of weapons and gained particular skill in unarmed combat. Their usual prey consisted of the transports attached to stations governed by the former administrators of the Jonig though they did take on mercenary raider work that was fairly indiscriminate as to the target’s loyalties.

One of the Dusi Raiders who Remus had grown friendly with was a Zabrak named Kolyer. He was a Mandalorian who had himself departed from his home to see more of the galaxy. It was during this time that Remus became familiar with the ways of being Mandalorian and decided to follow this culture in his way.

Convoy MFC-215c

Not long after his nineteenth birthday the Raiders were contracted for a job from one of their usual contacts. The objective was to kidnap a target in a convoy moving between two systems; all valuables and other goods were fair game. As they arrived and began the assault a mass of Republic patrol craft entered realspace and made short work of disabling the privateer ships. The Dusi Raiders were captured sent to a penal colony in the mid rim.

Remus and his comrades spent almost a year in prison when a breakout was executed during a clash between Republic and Imperial forces, allowing many prisoners to escape, including the Dusi Raiders. Remus had spent a long time contemplating his life and where it had led him so far and decided that he should turn in a new direction. The Republic records were hacked and the Raiders’ information was removed, cleaning the slate for everybody. They mostly went their separate ways though a few stayed together to form a new raider band.

The Nautolan returned to his village on Glee Anselm to spend a little time with his family before moving on again. He told the story of his travels away from home, stressing that while the politics of the galaxy may keep people in different camps it was corruption and wrongdoing that was the enemy. He explained that he would now try to follow the life of a Mandalorian and keep to the code of morality it expected. When the merchant fleet landed again he booked passage to Abrion and the centre of Mandalorian life.


Remus' helmet

After completing the training regimen set by the instructors at the Mandalorian Academy Remus was called to service in the Army 1st Division Mobile Infantry where he grew friendly with his new comrades during assignments. He was later transferred to a newly created unit shortly before being promoted to Corporal. Since then he has risen up the ranks and into several command positions culminating in his joining the Mandalore High Council. Due to his position there he has become heavily involved in several high priority missions, some of which were publicised in the GNS, such as the naturalisation and colonisation of the planet Valazog and the covert construction of a martial foothold in the Kathol sector.

He has visited his homeworld once since his time serving Mand’alor DeMeer. He visited his family and the village he grew up in, telling much happier tales than at his previous visit. On his way away from Glee Anselm he landed in the planet’s premier city and found a few Nautolan specialists willing to leave the planet and work in his employ in Abrion.

Personality and Traits

He is known for being an outgoing person and tends to get on well with those ranking above and below him. This aspect of his personality has led to him being a long-standing instructor within Mandalore as well as someone the outsiders talk to regarding enlistment. While his stature is average for his species his work moving weighty objects for his father have provided him with a physique of strength, something Remus has kept up with since those adolescent years.

While his comfort sitting in the pilot’s chair has improved slowly over time his adeptness for fighting, hunting and working on the ground has stayed strong. As a privateer he was rarely the pilot, most often joining the boarding party or using his close combat abilities to work his way in – or out – of the various buildings his vocation had taken him. His time in the Mandalorian Military has cultivated this further.

He is fluent in three languages: his mother tongue is Nautilla, the native language of the Nautolans that is barely usable out of water and makes great use of the the pheromone-sensing headtails of his species. Above water the commonly spoken language on Glee Anselm is Galactic Basic, the second language in which Remus is fluent. This was very convenient when interacting with the merchants and other offworld visitors. The third is Mando'a, the language of the Mandalorians. He learned some of this from Kolyer of the Dusi Raiders and the rest he picked up during his time with Mandalore.


To Remus the most important item of equipment is his battle armour. It was originally given to his as a gift from a close friend not long after he enlisted with Mandalore and has since been repainted several times, modified to fit his body shape and given various customisations including sheathes for bladed weapons and holsters for blast weapons. Attached to his armour are numerous pouches around his waist designed to hold ammunition, rations and miscellaneous other useful devices such as emergency medication and a Stunmaster.

Often he keeps a backpack to hand that holds extra weaponry such as a pair of Relby K-23 blaster pistols, some larger energy cells, two items of positioning and sensor equipment and a long-range holoprojector.

The main weapon that rarely leaves his side is his Rykk blade. Forged to specification, its hilt has a hand guard that curves upwards from the end, leaving a small gap from which the blade can be hooked onto something. Due to its weight it would normally be used two-handed but on an adrenaline or stimpack high it can be used one handed and the hilt has been designed to fit either situation. The first two thirds of the blade are slightly concave leading to a sharper curve outwards and starting a broader last third that comes to a point as the blunt side of the blade pulls up slightly near to the point. It was originally left as polished Mandalorian Iron but since was decorated with sporadic trails of white paint to introduce a chaotic element.

For a long period of his career Remus sported the powerful and accurate staple blaster rifle of the Mandalorians, the A295. While there were the standard adjustments to the sights and trigger that are common among Mandalorians, and indeed many professional gunmen, the excellent range, powerful firing speed and rate of fire that the rifle already held did not require any further modification to improve it.

Over the last few months the A295 has been swapped in and out with a more recent acquisition of a Valken-38 Carbine. The increased range and stopping power have been useful during missions whose brief necessitated a rifle with those extra qualities.

YT-2000 Nasreyc
YT-2000 Nasreyc

Of course, there is always room for a short blade. Remus tends to carry a dagger-sized Vibroblade at his belt for those moments when a swift, unexpected slash will ensure a win over an opponent.

His second home has become his personal YT-2000 light Corellian freighter, Nasreyc. The aspects that attract him to it are the excellent hyperdrive rating and sublight capability, the ample living space and both the offensive and defensive protection employed by the transport. Other prize ships among his personal fleet are his Firespray-class starship and his Pursuer-class enforcement ship.