Rim Mining Guild

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Rim Mining Guild
RMG Logo.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Ninian DeLayn
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 151
Dissolved Year 15 Day 332
Political Information
Industry Mining company
Holosite RMG site
RMG forum

Rim Mining Guild (RMG) was a mining company founded in mid-Year 14 by an independent entrepreneur Vesper Chambers. It was claimed that the company had historic roots in the Clone Wars. The company was taken over by Sabo Magus just over two weeks from the founding of it, on Day 168. According to Chambers it was an internal coup by Magus, and during his escape Chambers has taken at least one ship and significant portion of the company's wealth. It is unclear what happened to Chambers, but the company continued operations under Sabo until early-Year 15. On Day 40 it was sold to a group operating from Morobe system. Ninian DeLayn was the CEO until it was decided to dissolve the company on Day 332 and absorb its assets into Sienar Fleet Systems corporate structure.