Ryan Voltair

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Ryan Voltair
Biographical Information
Race Kushiban
Homeworld Kuat
Marital Status Single
Languages Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 0.5m 1'6"
Weight 8.6kg 19lbs
Hair Color White(Changes colors with mood)
Eye Color Brown(Changes color with mood)
Political Information
Affiliation Bando Gora
Rank Captain


Ryan Voltair is a male Kushiban currently working in the Bando Gora as a Captain and as Darin Byrch's apprentice. Ryan's age is currently unknown, with speculations varying from early 20s to late 30s. He exhibits a caustic attitude to outsiders of the Bando Gora and often views them as below him and a waste of his time. His attitude to members of the Bando Gora who are lower in rank does not change much, only that he is willing to entrust menial tasks to who he deems capable enough. Being one of the highest ranking members of the cult, Ryan only pays reverence to his leader and disregards most of the sentients that he is associated with.

Childhood and Adoption

At some point during his childhood, Ryan was abandoned by his parents on Kuat, recorded to have never been seen again.

Matukai Dragons

His first act was to join the Matukai Dragons, a group of mercenaries who were strict on discipline and training. Ryan became a Marine, or E-3, within three months of his service of the Matukai Dragons. Eventually, the Matukai Dragons struck an agreement with a governing body known as the Krath, and Ryan, along with the other members, were integrated into the Krath military. His size being what it was, Ryan was converted into an Officer to further maximize his abilities. He assisted overseeing the construction of the infrastructure on the worlds of the Quiberon system and helped make them into livable planets. However, he soon became bored with his post and requested leave to explore the galaxy and gather insight on other lifestyles.