Rydel Deca

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Rydel Deca
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Mandalorian)
Homeworld Mandalore
Mother Luciana Deca
Father Markus Deca
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year 0, Day 332
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank TBA
Positions N/A
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Awards New Republic: Exceptional Service Medal, New Republican of the Month, Expert Leader, Academy Acumen Medal, Meritorious Unit Medal, Joint Operation Ribbon, Operation Urgent Fury Medal

Rydel Deca was born in Year 0 on Day 332 on Mandalore to a well-to-do family. His mother worked at a major hospital as a surgeon, and his father served in the Imperial military. Much of the inspiration for Rydel in his childhood was his father, always the one that seemed to be able to answer his questions. This admiration led him to spend much of his free time learning about the history of the galaxy and other academic subjects, yearning the day that he may develop these skills enough to be considered for the Imperial Academy. It wouldn't take long for him to get his wish, when Rydel was accepted into a junior entrance stream at the Corellia Imperial Academy, shortly after his birthday. He suspected that the recommendation letter that preceded him was the ultimate key to his entry, a favor from his father. During his time at the academy, Rydel enjoyed entering lightfoil competitions, eventually in his senior year being selected as the captain of his academy's lightfoil club. Graduating with a fondness of his experience at the academy, Rydel was commissioned into the Imperial Army.

Some short while later, Rydel resigned his position, and traveled to New Republic space where he joined into their armed forces. Rydel quickly became the Chief Military Liaison, an academy teacher, and served in several extensive operations.