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Average Height2 meters
Known MembersList of known Sanyassans

Biology and appearance

A brutal reptilian species from the planet Sanyassa. Most Sanyassans do not speak Basic, but have their own language and write in hieroglyphs. Many Sanyassans - appropriately also known as "Marauders" - are known to prey on others without any reason at all, which leads many of them to live as space pirates. However, their skill in space piracy is limited, as even the best pilots among Sanyassans have trouble with the simplest of piloting manoeuvres.

Sanyassans are long-lived and have sturdy bodies. They are two or more meters tall, although dwarf Sanyassans are not uncommon. They are wont to invent lofty titles for themselves within their social structure, but not quite so quick to understand their own invented titles. Most Sanyassans fear being alone, which is why they choose to live cloistered together. Sanyassan society is so warlike that they will choose to maintain barely-working weaponry and armour for decades at almost any cost, rather than to take up a more passive lifestyle. Their rough, four-fingered hands are much more likely to be wrapped tightly around a blaster than tapping away at a computer console.

Around a hundred years ago, a group of the "Marauders", who were criminals and pariahs even among their own race, hijacked a spacecraft. Unable to operate their advanced vessel, they crash-landed on the forest moon of Endor. There they built themselves a fortress, ruling over a section of the Endorian plains. These Sanyassans armed themselves with poorly maintained blasters and more conventional weapons. With these weapons, they were the only species on Endor with advanced technology.