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General Information
Motto "You are not Alone!"
Status Active
Leader Dendran Bastile
Owner Damyo Kruder
Historical Information
Founded Year 22 Day 307
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion

Resurgence- the Old ways have returned

Revitalization- a renewed strength of whill.

Revelation- a merging and understanding.

Realization- You are not alone..

The warrior-monks developed their doctrine from years of study, exploration and cumulative knowledge. The cult dogma is a hybrid of these philosophical teachings about the Spirit of the galaxy, which they venerate. Some call it the Var Kelen, the Third Sight, the Ashla, or the Whills and other names too numerous to count. Their roots date back 30,000 years before the beginning of the Old Republic

The ring emblem of the Scitrok symbolically represents the eternal and ever-renewing cycle of life by the Living Force.