Sector 5

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Sector 5
General information
RegionDeep Core
Controlled ByGalactic Empire
Astrographic EntrySector 5

Sector 5 is the center-most sector of the galaxy, and one of three sectors that make up the Deep Core.


Despite the presence of massive black holes at the galactic center and the difficulty navigating so close to them, Sector 5 is the most populous sector of the Deep Core. As of early Year 13, Bill Maxwell was appointed Moff, or Imperial sector governor, of the area.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Prakith (-43, 38) 6 185,660,923,888 Galactic Empire
Ottabesk (31, 4) 6 7,577,959,637 Galactic Empire
Galactic Center (0, 0) 0 0 None
  • population accurate as of Year 13 Day 313


Sector 5 - Further Data