Shaelas Que-Kara

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Shaelas Que-Kara
Shaelas quekara.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Selkath
Homeworld Manaan
Born Year -14 Day 129
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.18m/7'2
Coloring Dark Navy Blue
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Order of the Progenitor, Order of Shasa
Rank Leader
Positions Acting Patriarch (OoP)/ Merchant Navy (CA)
Prior Affiliation Corporate Alliance


Shaelas Que-Kara could be described as tall, strong yet worn looking Selkath, Shaelas definitely shows many qualities of his aquatic race. His blue and white body stands over 7 feet tall, with black missionary oblate robes covering most his body. His long face has the Selkath's traditional facial tassels, as wall as a small beard of cartilage coming from underneath his mouth.

Although a physically imposing specimen, Shaelas gives off the impression of a wise and peaceful sentient, but one who could turn dangerous when threatened or angered.

Work History

Mecrosa Year 12 Day 190 ~ Year 13 Day 43

Corporate Alliance Year 13 Day 43 ~ Present


Early Years

Shaelas was born on Year -18, Day 190 in one of the great underwater Selkath cities of Manaan. He lacks much information about his parentage however as he was left on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant, wrapped in a simple black garb with a nearly illegible note in Selkath'a proclaiming the babe to be "Shaelas Shelkar". He was raised from his infancy by the Oblates of the Progenitor's Justice, one of the independent sects of the Selkath folk religion. When all of the Selkathian beliefs were brought together into the unified Order of the Progenitor in Year 10, the Oblates were amalgamated. It was this simple life of prayer, devotion and studying of the Progenitor's Codex that made up most of Shaela's formative years. While he specialized in the doctrine of holy retribution, it was more of a ceremonial education than anything. The Oblates had not carried out their original mission since well before the days of the Old Republic.

A Divine Mission?

After the untimely and mysterious death of Patriarch Mike Que-Kara, The Order of the Progenitor fell into chaos. While the united order remained for a time under the Patriarchate of Varik Starwind it soon dissolved, taking down most of the smaller orders within it, some having existed independently for centuries. When the galactic creditors repossessed the monastery in which Shaelas was based, he immediately went to Ahto City to begin an investigation into what had happened to Mike Que-Kara and to the Order. Seeing his people's culture fall by the wayside, and more importantly his goddess's will ignored by the galaxy he resolved to do her work and bring the wicked to justice and defend the righteous. With nothing but a tattered black cloak and his Selki Bible, Shaelas went to the starport and spoke with the customs droid.

"Name?" "Shaelas...Que-Kara"

"Profession?" "Acting Patriarch of the Order of the Progenitor"

"Reason for Leaving Mandalorian Space?" "A divine mission from one true god."

"Visa granted... Respect all the laws while away from Manaan, Selkath."

Planning to rendezvous with some other off-world Selkath in the Corporate Alliance, Shaelas left Manaan to do the work of his goddess.