Shocking chain of events leads to Hutts death

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Posted by Soge Kihei on Year 5 Day 294

Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette Nostalgia for Infinity in system Kessel.

In news just in it appears that a few hours ago the location of a Hutt corpse identified as one Regnar Lodbrog, a self-proclaimed pirate, has been delivered to authorities on the planet Saubrant in the Kessel system. It is believed that shortly thereafter confused law enforcement officers took a Falleen by the name of Soge Kihei, who is believed to have connections with the infamous group Eidola, in for questioning.

When interviewed over the circumstances of Regnar's death, Soge respond with a heart-wrenching story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After arriving over Saubrant, he soon became quite confusion and alarmed upon discovering that every city on the planet bore the same name; these feelings were further compounded upon remembering that he had left his treasured cache of Pirate Rum and other fine alcohols on a ship belonging to his previous employer. On descent to the surface this lead to a navigational ‘error’ which saw the YT-1300 Soge was flying land on the deceased Hutt’s tail; while not in itself fatal, the addition of multiple stab wounds led to Regnar’s demise. When questioned about these wounds, the Falleen looked innocent and said he did not recall how those got there, despite an unconfirmed report from an eyewitness who alleges he was seen repeatedly stabbing the Hutt after yelling ‘For the Overlordess!’

Finding the death was the result of a tragic chain of unforeseeable circumstances, tearful law enforcement officers released Mr Kihei with a commendation for managing to survive such trying conditions. In a message sent to the GNS shortly after his release, Kihei stated: “While it may be that this accident has benefited Eidola’s continuing efforts at eliminating its competition, I would like to take this opportunity to urge all sentients to dig deep and donate to their ‘Save the Galaxy from Uncreative or Just-Plain-Wrong Names’ fund, and also to take the time to think before you name a city or a new-born, as I for one do not wish for a repeat of today’s events.”