Sienar Extractions

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Sienar Extractions
General Information
Status Active
Leader Scipio Davion
2IC Han Manazas
Owner Drey Exodus
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 361
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining company
Holosite Sienar Extractions
Sienar Conglomerate.png

Sienar Extractions is a support branch of Sienar Technologies and Sienar Pharmaceuticals that supplies the Sienar group with any raw materials and all redundant materials will be sold on the market.

Sienar Technologies took control of the industrial world of Lianna about 100 years before the Emperors New Order gained power. Sienar Technologies was the latest in a series of corporations headed by the Sienar family, which traced its roots back to the designers of the warships used by Empress Teta during the Unification Wars. During the clone wars and the rise of the Empire and its New Order the Sienar corporation grew to a new high as the resent conflicts demanded new technologies to be created for the field of battle.

The former Brigadier General Chiss Veers of the Imperial Army bought majority control of Sienar Technologies looking to make a profit with their close combat and ground warfare division, especially personal armour as he was once a Stormtrooper and Imperial Royal guard. Using his personal experience on the field of battle he started to design new suits of armour more resilient to damage and freedom in movement. Once the profit margin out weighed the rest of the companies profit in the personal armour division he sold off a few of the branches and concentrated all the companies assets on designing and building personal armour for the soldiers and private citizens in the galaxy.

Sienar Technologies, along with Sienar Extractions and Sienar Pharmaceuticals, are often collectively (though unofficially) referred to as the Sienar Conglomerate.

The Conglomerate's aim is to control the market and move into other fields as the premier independent producer of technologies in the galaxy.

Sienar Conglomerate
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