Sienna Lynn

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Sienna Angelic Lynn
Sienna Lynn1.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Naboo)
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Andrea Lynn (Deceased)
Father Ardan ? (Deceased)
Spouse Jamis Argetlam (Deceased)
Siblings unknow or deceased.
Children none
Born Year -14 (Approximately)
Died No yet.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.78 meters
Hair Color Blond (Or dyed)
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Ankh Recycling Enterprises
Title Princess
Rank Director
Prior Affiliation Ankh Group, Ankh Biomedical, Biotech

Sienna Lynn (Born -14 Ap11) is a prominent woman from Naboo. Founder of Ankh Recycling Enterprises, helding the legacy of a group of men and women that kept strong the idea to bring sanity to the Galaxy through Ankh Group.

Philanthropist, medical doctor, engineer, recycler and demolisher, ship builder, bandits and fiend hunter, manager and leader of severals enterprises, are some of the roles strongly dominated by this remarkable woman that began her earliest days sunken in tragedy and surrounded by death.

Trained by Royal Army and medical corps in her natal planet, she changed her life, leaving her common life and joining Biotech as a medical trainee. Later she moved up through different roles, like EMT, medical doctor, surgeon, and later taking care of management, sales and public relations until she reached the leader position.

To continue her management career she left her medical position at Biotech to join Ankh Biomedical with the prominent Doctor A`ab Driff Ka`ar (Deceased) and together developed Ankh Group. Until Ankh Group dissolution when she kept her recycling branch, Ankh Recycling Enterprises.


Early days "A bud is not for trample"

Born and raised on Mindoir, a small border town in the great grass plains of the north from the Lianorm Swamp.

When she was eight or nine years old slavers raided Mindoir, slaughtering her family, friends and the rest of the town. She hardly managed to escape reaching the bayous and keeping herself hidden until she was found and saved by a passing Gungan patrol and delivered into an orphan house at Theed.

Due the town was wiped out and mostly of the records gone, there is not accurated information about her siblings or relative.

Through her life as teenager she volunteered several tasks to the Senate and the Crown, promoted by the Orphan House and earning in this way an internship into the Army where received training from the RSF. During these days she knew Meiyo Kawaii from one Royal House. Together develop a strong bond, struggling to finish their course.

This relation let her met with Princess Alexandra Victoria Kawaii, ruler of House Kawaii, who friendly received her as a sister to Meiyo, and after proof her valuables contributions to the manager of the House, she received an honorific title as Countess of Mindoir and her treatment as Princess of the House as her new sister Meiyo.

After the falling of the House Kawaii she continued her medical and military training but this tragedy marked her life and next changes in her life.

Images of Sienna Lynn childhood

Found in the swamp

Rescued by Gungan troops

Attending school
at orphan house

At Royal Academy as tennager

Turn away "Home is where you heart is"

After succeed her medical training and basic military school in the Royal Army, Cadet Lynn, took the unexpected desicion to continue her medical training in one of the finest University at Nim Drovis. This change of life cut her carreer into Royal forces and her relation with her past, friends and known people but in her own words: "Home is where you set up your heart"

This change open the oportunity to begin to work with Biotech as EMT, (Emergency technician) where succeed as a great, faster and reialiable pilot and taking care of her patience as well.

Her career was on a singular rise, after completing her degree in Paramedic and continue in Surgery and Trauma School where began studies in Xeno Biology, Xeno tissue, Wave and Brain Mapping, Fractal DNA and Races DNA.

The Dr. Sienna Lynn at that moment was already recognized for her contributions and avant-garde ideas becoming known in medical circles of the Galaxy, and finally get her first opportunity to lead the medical corporation that had given all their academic development.

As Director of Biotech, she began to change the whole structure of business and public relations Company. Biotech had deliveries into arrears and hard production lines issues, innumerable customers waiting services, and even partially productive cities with untapped raw deposits.

In just two years, Dr. Sienna Lynn reached regulate production, cover all outstanding orders and plant a solid base for sustainable development through productive cities which would cater minerals and materials for continued growth to the company and its citizens.

Along with these activities as manager and activist, medical and research efforts ceased, were filled by a host of new challenges and responsibilities. According to her own statements “this was a blow to leave one of her most cherished vocations directly but her late rewards repaired more than her losses”

During her tenure as leader of Biotech, even had the opportunity to extend their knowledge through studies on: Xeno manipulation, basic environment control and nano communications. When another door opened with the opportunity to create her own Corporation with the hand of Dr. A`ab Driff Ka`ar, she decided to leave Biotech in the good hand of her colleague Gabriel de Grenefeld.

Sienna Lynn working with Biotech

As Biotech Director

Retrieving an injured victim

Supervising a procedure

Working late as leader

Gathering time "The goddess breed them, they attached"

Ankh Biomedical born.

Sienna Lynn working with Biotech

Ready for action

As Ankh Biomedical Director

Into an Ankh mission

In the memorial of her husband