Sirch Tharlaw

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Tharlaw, Sirch
Sirch tharlaw avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Rynthak S'slauc
Father Nor Tharlaw
Siblings Nor Tharlaw II and Har'as Resjet
Born Year -29/ Day 58
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90 m
Weight 150.0 kg
Coloring shaved down gray (hair)
white (skin)
Eye Color hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Freedom Warriors
Rank Squadron Leader
Positions Squad Leader - Recruiting Liason
Prior Affiliation none

Sirch Tharlaw is a Male Corellian officer with the Freedom Warriors.

"To serve, to protect, to bring justice and peace to the galaxy." - Pledge of the Freedom Warriors


Sirch Tharlaw was born on Corellia in the year -29 relative to Nor and Rynthak Tharlaw. He was the first of three children. As a young boy he loved everything about space and the stars. And his interest showed through in anything he did. His marks in school showed rather poorly due to lack of interest and motivation, not of ability. When he became older he participated in sports and interacted well with his fellow students. But he was always kind of a loner.

Sirch's father, Nor, was a worker in CorSec, a machinist by trade. On leave he would tear just about anything down and rebuild it good as new. And young Sirch was there every step of the way. When he graduated from secondary school, he enrolled for the Imperial Academy, which rejected him on the merit of his mediocre marks. He did finally get a job as a ship's mate aboard the CSS Balance in the year 0 and never looked back. Onboard he apprenticed to a pilot and learned the ins and outs of a spacefarer.

After a few years, Sirch decided it was time to go off on his own. He had ended up in Elrood Sector when he disembarked the Balance for the last time. He had been taught to be a part of something from a very young age. He had been taught to make a difference. And now, in year 12, those stirrings were beginning to impact his thoughts. He looked up the local recruiting liason for the Lanthrym Nomads, Lt. Coci Sinopi, and joined the Nomads. He threw himself into the training with a fervor and rapidly rose through the ranks to Squad Leader.

Later that year, word reached Sirch that his father had taken a series of setbacks and was in terrible health. With command's permission, he took an extended leave of absence to return to Corellia to help care for his father. Sirch returned to find the Nomads had become the Freedom Warriors in his absence. And he serves there to this day.


For a Corellian, he is of average height (1.90m) but he packs a little girth (150 kg). He has long past been shaving his head bald and any growth reveals short graying stubble. His gaze is direct and observant, a hazel glint. And you will never mistake the sardonic grin.

On duty, he wears the Warriors' blue and black combat boots. He usually conceals a DL-44 on his right hip and has another weapon on the left-hand side, a vibroblade.

Off duty, he's decked out in a Gundark-leather bomber's jacket, a loose tunic, trousers and those black boots. And he probably has that blasted fedora cocked down over one eye. He's munching on a half-burnt charillo and swigging down a hot cup of Caf. He is nothing but good side, except for those unfortunate few who have experienced the bad side, and those lucky fewer still who have witnessed it. He is loyal to a fault. Just don't give him a reason to rescind it. | | | |