Sol Mazer

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Sol Mazer
Sol Mazer-1.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Divorced
Siblings Nah Olos
Physical Description
Gender male
Height 1.75 m
Political Information
Affiliation Knights of the Fountain
Rank Board Member
Positions President of Charmath

Prospector/ Pilot (retired)

Prior Affiliation Smugglers Guild (Leader)

Sol Mazer is a sitting Board Member of mining company Knights of the Fountain. He is better known as the last leader of the Smugglers Guild before it disbanded. Though the Guild is no more, Mazer continues to be recognized as a Master Smuggler.



Solomon (Sol) Mazer grew up as many Corellian young- going to school to become a productive citizen. He progressed through the Corellian education system earning average marks, and managed a placement at a small university. While pursuing a degree in geology, he was employed as an in-sector delivery crewman (alongside his stepbrother, Nah Olos ) with a governmental parcel service. It was here that he learned how to handle a starship (freighters and gunships). Upon graduation, he found employment as a prospector with a now defunct mining operation in the Corellian sector. Mazer often piloted the ships to his surveying jobs as well as handled the vehicles. While employed as a prospector, Mazer discovered a number of significant mineral deposits.

Introduction to the Smugglers Guild

Early Year 8, Nah Olos tapped Mazer to prospect a very notable moon belonging to the Smugglers Guild: Nar Shadda. The Guild needed a full survey, but didn't want an untrusted entity on their base of operations. Olos (a ranked Smuggler at the time) recommends Mazer. The official contact came through Jaggo Bral who would handle Mazer while on the moon. His aptitude with starships, as well as his technical knowledge, made him an valuable find for the Guild. Olos would proceed to ask Mazer to help move gear and conscripts on the Guild's behalf from to time. Mazer agreed- the extra money was good and the danger was low. It was during one of these deliveries that Mazer met Guild Leader Metuki Ryuujin. The meeting was brief, but noteworthy. Mazer was offered Hopeful status in the Guild which he accepted on the spot. Mazer was drawn to the possibility of a larger role in the Galaxy. It is also thought that the chance to work with his brother, Nah Olos, was too good to pass.

Freelance Trader

Adhering to the tenants of the Guild, Mazer advertised himself as a "Freelance Trader" and kept his Guild membersbip secret. As a Trader, Mazer enjoyed much success and established numerous contacts. He would host auctions that were more akin to social events and usually end up being very lucrative for the Hopeful Smuggler.

Putting himself forward as a trusted trader allowed Mazer to become a self sufficient Smuggler as well. The Guild needed operatives that could be available and self-supporting; and Mazer fit the description. Within his first year of being a Hopeful, Mazer earned his first million, paid off the freighter on loan from the Guild, and had a respectable amount of clients (in both market and auction houses). As a result, the Guild permitted Mazer to sell some of the more rare items they had (Imperial armors and uniforms as examples). Because of Mazer's ability to bring people to his auctions, these items would fetch a high price and he would then give most of the profits to the Guild. As a result, Mazer was promoted from Hopeful to Smuggler (Year 9).

Sol Mazer's identity badge from GWSU.

Maintaining his Freelancer status became increasingly difficult due to the fact Mazer was constantly being recruited by legitimate organisations. Mazer decided to make himself unavailable in the eyes of recruiters by co-founding an organisation of his own. Together with fellow Trader Ma-Nak Kwel, they established the Galaxy-Wide Spacer's Union (GWSU) (founded Year 9). This group was dedicated to providing reasonable shipping for anyone to anywhere. The group was entirely Freelancers, with the exception of Mazer who maintained his Smuggler status with the Guild. Through the GWSU, Mazer would add more names to his contact list. Regrettably, with the passing of Ma-Nak Kwel, the GWSU closed its doors (Year 10); but Mazer would go on to become employed by fellow member Sorel Karr (Year 10 through early Year 11). Again, this helped to provide Mazer the excuse of not joining with any other corporation or government. (It should also be noted that during Year 11 Mazer was promoted again from Smuggler to Master Smuggler.)

Leader of the Smugglers Guild

By mid Year 11, then Leader of the Smugglers Guild, Nah Olos, grew tired of the position and bureaucracy. He decided to retire, and elevated Mazer to Leader of the Guild. Though another member was 2nd in Command (Syran Fattel), Mazer was picked due to his interest in the position, capability as a Trader, and the network of contacts he had at that time. Mazer was a man that could be trusted, and while being a Smuggler was always a label, it was well known that Mazer never went back on his word.

As Leader of the Smugglers Guild, Mazer was essentially outed as a member of a criminal organisation- but that didn't keep him from continuing his craft as a Trader. Mazer held his auction events and market offerings as if he was like any other Trader. The Guild was pulled along into the public eye to a degree- though no other members were known (except Mazer and other highest ranking individuals). Mazer would hold press conferences, enjoy the celebrity of his position, and pursue his adventurous interests. The Guild remained an underworld, secretive establishment; but, Mazer remained accessible. As a result, the Guild enjoyed a good deal of profit- all of which would be needed to ensure the future of Mazer's project planet: Charmath.

Planet Charmath

Mazer's biggest goal as Leader was protecting the Charmath System and establishing the Guild as its governing force. The backwater planet is located in the center of Farrfin Sector, which is controlled by the Galactic Empire. Charmath was a Guild acquisition through close ally Knights of the Fountain in Year 9. The planet was fortunately mislabeled as a gas planet, when in fact it was a sizable terrestrial. This error may have protected Charmath for a long time, but Mazer was sure that would not last. Using the profits gained through trading Guild assests, or Guild technology, Mazer pushed a monumental building effort on Charmath. This construction would not only provide planetary shields, but also bring numerous immigrants to the world with the promise of a fresh start. The effort was a success, and Charmath enjoyed the safety of its defensive shield, as well as the protection of the Smugglers Guild. In a gesture of gratitude, Mazer was elected as President of Charmath in Year 10 though no formal election was held and no campaign run. Mazer served one term and retains the title as an honorific.

Mazer would also put his Guild to use in other capcities. In Year 10, he "invaded" the Wyl system with "Smugglers Guild Informational Kiosks." These were in fact sensory satellites placed throughout the system, as well as one Guild escape pod, for the sole purpose of attracting defectors from the Galactic Empire. Also of note, is Mazer's participation in the exploration of a sentient space station with a team of adventurers. These events helped to show that Mazer was not content to have the Guild viewed as a underworld organisation that avoided exposure. His goal was to make the galaxy understand the Guild was as capable as any other group and would campaign as it desired.

Dissolution of the Smugglers Guild

Though Mazer enjoyed success as a Leader, many issues plagued him. The retirement of Nah Olos was one of the major losses to Mazer- though he fully understood his fellow Corellian's decision, Olos was sorely missed. Mazer would also begin to voice his concern over the galactic economy and the Guild's place in a "cold war" environment (see news article below). The over use of planetary shields certainly countered the Guild's ability to get their wares in marketable locations.

With declining membership and concerns over the Guilds place in the galaxy, Mazer decided to close the more public side of the Guild mid Year 15. The Charmath System was "sold" to the Knights of the Fountain (Year 14) and the moon Nar Shadda handed over to the Eidola Pirates (Year 16). All other Guild property (ships, gear, and properties) went to Mazer (though retirement packages were offered to Guild members in good standing). Mazer did state that the lesser known underworld side of the Smugglers Guild would persist in some measure, but confirmation has not been attained to support that.

Current Status

Mazer disappeared from public eye for almost all of Year 15 after the closure of the Smugglers Guild. He came back to the trading scene by taking a position with close ally the Knights of the Fountain. To date, he holds a Board Member position with KotF and retains his Presidency of Charmath (even if in title only). Though he has limited his time on the auction and market circuits, it should be noted that Mazer holds numerous items and ships of profound value (including the modified freighter Bloodstripe). It would be a fair opinion that he will venture in the Trader lifestyle again.


Smugglers Guild

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Maw T-Shirt

Master Jaggo Bral

Y9 D278


Guild Master Jacket

Master Nah Olos

Y11 D56

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