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HomeworldSkor II
Skin colorPink
Hair colorWhite, gray, black, brown, blue, violet, red
DistinctionsCurious, overconfident, hagglers
Average lifespan65 standard years
Known MembersList of known Squibs

"Squibs. They'll sell you a bucket of air if you let them, and keep the bucket."
— Unknown Smuggler

Biology and appearance

Squibs were small, sentient, humanoid mammals with both rodent and canine characteristics. They were covered in fur which not only protected them in cold weather, but served as an olfactory organ, being able to pick up scents from a great distance and ascertain intrinsic details—such as penetrating through a disguise or identifying a forgery—when rubbed against. Their eyes were large, relative to the size of their head. Similarly, their large ears prominently protruded upward and could pivot to zero in on sources of sounds. Squibs had fast metabolisms and short life spans. A Squib was a fuzzling (child) from birth until nine standard years of age. At thirteen, Squibs achieved sexual maturity. At thirty-nine, they entered middle age. At this time, their fur grayed and their face wrinkled. On average, Squibs lived to be about sixty-five standard years of age.

Society and culture

Squibs love nothing more than to haggle, bargain and trade. It is in their blood and they go throughout the galaxy in search of salvage. They then refurbish, reclaim and resell this salvage to whoever may be interested in such items. In this way they hold some things in common with the Jawa though on a broader scheme, though some modern Jawas might dispute that.

The quickest way to gain information from a Squib is to propose a trade. It is the universal ice breaker to a Squib. Once the trade is complete they'll talk about just about anything you want to talk about, from what ships they saw in a system, to the location of the Imperial prison on a planet. Needless to say its probably best never to tell your secrets to a Squib.


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