Steve Shepard

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Steve Shepard
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Ingo
Mother Valeria Shepard (enslaved)
Father Mark 'Tango' Shepard (deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Katya Shepard (whereabouts unknown)
Born Y -9 D 114
Languages Galactic Basic, Bocce, Binary, Olys Corellisi
Quote "You represent chaos.. We represent order."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 187 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Green/Black
Political Information
Affiliation Neuro-Saav Technologies
Prior Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth Tresario Star Kingdom
Awards TSKuniversity.pngTSK- Navy.png

Steve Shepard is a member of the Ministry of Military Operations in the Tresario Star Kingdom.



While Steve spent most of his childhood on Ingo, his parents often took him and his sister with them on their business travels in their YG-4210 "Wind Queen". Otherwise, they stayed with their grandparents.

Anzatan Commonwealth

Tresario Star Kingdom


TSKuniversity-big.png University Graduate Awarded upon graduation from the University of Tresario.

Mmoribbon.png Military Operations Service Awarded for active service in the Ministry of Military Operations.