Sunburst Heavy Industries

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Sunburst Heavy Industries
Sunburst Heavy Industries Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Stephen Garrett
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 13
Political Information
Industry Mining
Holosite Sunburst Heavy Industries

Sunburst Heavy Industries Banner.png

Founded in Year 8, Sunburst Heavy Industries is one of the few independent and neutral mining companies operating in the galaxy in the current galactic era. We specialize primarily in construction, though the expertise of our organization ranges from the “normal” activities performed by miners, such as prospecting and extracting raw materials, to highly specialized tasks like manufacturing, material reclamation, and city and utility planning.

Headquartered and operating in the sprawling metropolises of Urce Space, Sunburst’s primary products are the deeds to income-generating facilities built therein, as well as other more specialized buildings made-to-order. Also offered are free data card rentals of common prospecting vehicles, such as the FK-7 or a Groundhog. For more information on our products and services, please visit our holosite.

We welcome all walks of life who wish to join our group, as well as those from far-away lands who simply would like to make homes and businesses in Urce. Employees working with us enjoy a salary as well as a host of benefits such as resource sales, factory rentals, and private city construction, to name a few. Please contact the current leader with any questions you may have concerning joining Sunburst, or visit our holosite for more information.