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Khan leaving CSS - 2/1/2001

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen... - posted by Warlord Khan @ 2:27 AM EST

Transmitting.... Hacker Detected.... ....Initating Cleaning Programs... Run Time Error "13" ...Receiving Access Codes...Received Access Code:Highest Level

    • Your holovid flicks to a new program interupting the usual imperial programming of M*A*S*H the satirical Tv drama about a mobile imperial hospital coping with the rigers of patching up the empire all the while under constant harrasment by local resistance forces.**

You see a black inky void with small pin points of light providing the only illumination. You hear a low menacing rumbling noise and a giant starship moves across your view. The camera pans with the ship and stops to watch it cruise on into a giant monstrosity in space, as time passes the ship grows smaller and smaller until it disappears into one of the many hangers on it's surface. The camara once again begins to move this time zooming in slowly on the station. As the camera moves in you pass many ships going towards or heading out from the monstoristy, as you get close you notice one small light among the many dotting the surface of the structure. That light grows as the camera centres on it until you are inside a shabby looking room, which looks like it belongs to a low level crewman, with a ammo box and a ejection seat from a starfighter that has seen better days. There is a man sitting in that chair with his feet propped up on the box infront of him, he lacks his usual uniform and jovial attitude. Today he is wearing a rather scruffy shirt with a logo "Maui & Sons" that you do not recongise and on old oil stained pair of cargo's, his face is stern and has more wrinkles than it should have.

"Greetings, many of you know me and some others may not, for those who don't I am Warlord Khan owner of Centrepoint Space Station." He shifts his feet and continues his story.

"Unlike some of my colleagues I'm not going to bore you with propagandistic ramblings of how good we are or how much we've done and so on and so forth. I will tell it how it was, how it happened.

I first joined the station when a small group of us left the Alliance to start up our own business. The station grew and flourished from there with only a couple of minor hicups along the way. Next came the dark times after Kell left, the members count dropped and we were reduced to a small group of loyal members, we voted on it and decided that we should all go our seperate ways, some of us went on to start our own business and others went to the factions but two of us remained with the station vowing that we would build that station up to it's form glory. I beleive we have accomplished this task, perhaps it is not yet finished, perhaps it is that is your opinion.

I am leaving but for one reason, a calling from my past has arisen and I have heeded it. Of the old crew I am the last member to leave the station, now it truely is "a new era". It is with great sadness that I announce that as of midnight tonite I officially hand over ownership of the station to Rostar. I wish Rostar and the current crew the best of luck and may their futures be as bright as the star of the Soviet Union."

He gets out of his chair pulling his jacket off the back, the jacket he was given when he first joined unchaged but for a few rank insignias and grease stains, putting it on he looks around his office with a grim face he walks to the door turns once more gazing around the room which all of a sudden seems so empty and hollow, turning again he walks out the door which closes behind him signifying the end of another era.

Your view switches to a corridor, where you see the man and someone who is unknown to you. The two walk together conversing in whispers to each other and nodding to members of the crew as they pass them, they turn a corner and come to an old rickedy contraption that you do not recongise.

"How about one last spin for old times sake" says the other man. Khan smiles "Oki, for old times sake"

The two hop on the contraption and speed of down the hall in the direction of the hangers.

Your next view is of hanger bay and of the two men. The one you don't know is sitting on the bike and Khan is standing beside it.

"I feel like an old man among all these kids Sky. I can't say what we've been through fun but it's been worthwhile never the less. I'll be seeing ya mate"

With that Khan turns and proceeds up the ramp of a Corevette and disappears into it, you see the other man take off on his contraption in the direction of the bridge.

The camera flickers and your now in a bridge, the door opens and Khan walks in and settles into his captains chair.

"Okay people lets get outta here. Set a course for the outer rim and make sure B.J's got the YT in tow."

The bridge crew starts preparing the ship for hyperspace. Khan gets up as the ship rises on it's repulsorlifts and looks our the main viewport. Down on the deck of the gargantuan hanger bay is a simple message written in stone "Goodbye"

You see Khan smiling a faint smile and settles back into his chair.

The camera flickers and you are presented with a view of the station and watch as endless stream of fighters and small ships exit an equal number of hanger bays and form up with a fleet of capital ships and freighters already orbiting the station. A Corevette and YT-1300 exit one of the upper hanger bays and fly out through the orbiting ships.

The two ships fly out and under your camera view and space becomes awash with colors as all the oribiting ships fire their lasers in one last final farewell.

OOC:For those of you who haven't watched the M*A*S*H series and in particular the final episode the intentions of this post will be lost on you but for those that have I hope you understand.

I'm going to be disappearing in character cause it's year 12 and I really need to concentrate so i'll just be sticking to my admin duties until around October and i'll be back during holidays until then. I'm moving over to the Alliance but would like to stay in charge of the Neutral News if you guys don't mind.

Finally though i'd like to thank the "old crew" and current crew for their hardwork, patience and dedication and most importantly Kell for without him I wouldn't be where I am. Thanks a bunch guys it's been a blast!

Pendo Koja leaving CSS - 2/2/2001

Leaving... - posted by Pendo Koja (aka Skywalker) @ 5:06 AM EST

Greetings members of the Combine,

I am Pendo Koja (aka Skywalker).

Many of you have heard of me in the past, either during my career in the Alliance, or more recently as leader of the successful NFG, Centrepoint Space Station. Throughout my life experience I have met many people and fostered a number of great friendships. I have had the pleasure with dealing with some of you, and talking with others. Unfortunately, due to issues out of my control, this has come to an end.

I come to announce that as of 1st February, I am resigning from CSS, and dissapearing from the Combine.

Although you mightn't see many anymore, that doesn't mean that I wont be here. From time to time I will still be around, in the shadows...and in a few years when I have dealt with what I need to, I will have the time to return and resurect myself from a long, deep sleep. Of course I expect any current debts to be repaid ASAP, and I will follow them all up...but you wont see me active for a very, very long time.

As I am resigning from leader of CSS, I have given both leadership and ownership to Rostar. I am confident that he will serve to be a fine leader, and continue to success that CSS is. I wish the best of luck to him.

Also, I have decided to leave to you a gift. This gift is my legacy, an offering from me to everyone in the galaxy. I give you the Skywalker Foundation. The Skywalker Foundation (TSF) is a foundation designed to address problems within the combine galaxy and do everything to stop them. Intially, TSF is dedicated to ensuring secure trading in the galaxy, and punishing those who prevent this. For details, visit The Skywalker Foundation site.

Now, this is my final farewell, to everyone. Until I see you again, in the distant future...goodbye...goodluck...and may the force be with you, always...

~Skywalker Pendo Koja Former High Ambassador (RA) Former Leader (CSS) Dissapearing member (The Combine)