Tanner McFadden

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Tanner Alastair McFadden
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Mary Toulouse, Coruscanti
Father Buck T. McFadden, Corellian
Siblings Hamish B. McFadden, b. Y -17, D 130
Born Y -13, D 79
Quote May the Days of Your Life Equal the Life of Your Days!
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 175.26cm
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Title Grand Duke
Positions Grand Duke of the Council, The Corellian Merchants Guild
Prior Affiliation Royal Anzatan Commonwealth Navy
Awards RACN Awards: Mentioned in Dispatches I, 3 Months Service Ribbon, Tactical Superiority Ribbon, Officer School Graduate with Honours


Tanner mcfadden.jpg

Biological Assessment

Tanner McFadden is an average Corellian, standing 175.26 cm tall and roughly 77.5 kg in weight. He has a lean muscular build. He has sandy brown hair with hazel eyes.


Buck T. McFadden, a Corellian, met Lady Mary Toulouse, a Royal Coruscanti from the family of Toulouse, in the year -20 while attending a business trip on Coruscant. The business trip became an extended summer romance, which led to Buck and Lady Mary eloping to the planet of Corellia. Buck and Mary led a quiet life at the family salvage business on the outskirts of Kor Vella. Buck and Mary had their first son, Hamish Buck McFadden in year -17, day 130.

Then, Tanner Alastair McFadden was born in the city of Kor Vella, on the planet Corellia in the year -13, day 79. He attended the local education system, achieving course standards for graduation. Upon graduation, McFadden along with his brother worked at the family salvage business.

McFadden's Salvage was contracted heavily by The Corellian Merchants' Guild for various reasons, and not all for recycling operations. Although, they specialized in preparing facilities for demolition, recycling sensitive facilities such as research labratories and bacta refineries, it was common knowledge that the salvage company helped the Guild collect numerous outstanding debts throughout the known sectors. McFadden's Salvage was started by Tanner's great-great grandfather, Noble McFadden. Noble McFadden was a well known Corellian and council member of the Corellian Merchants Guild. The salvage business prospered because he held a position on the council of the Guild, securing long and substantial contracts.

When the Corellian Republic ceded the reign of government authority to the Galactic Empire, numerous wealthy merchants and business owners left the planet of Corellia, to find home in the Mid and Outer Rim. Buck McFadden and family stayed on Corellia hoping to be the first to greet the GE and make new lasting contracts. Alas, McFadden's Salvage could not compete with the transplanted corporations that the Empire brought with them.

In the Year 13, select businesses in Kor Vella were "taxed" by pirates, or swoop gangs. Tragedy hit prior to any help being able to arrive. McFadden's Salvage facilities were burned to the ground and all ships destroyed by hand grenades. Buck and Mary were evacuated to the Kor Vella University Hospital where they were pronounced dead of burns. Hamish McFadden was pronounced dead at the scene due to his body never being recovered. And Tanner McFadden was treated for smoke inhalation, broken arm, and severe concussion. Rumors say that the Toulouse Family on Coruscant made a statement that they "regret trying to bring their daughter home".

Tanner McFadden is released on day 79 and stowed away on the nearest transport off the planet. With only his clothes on his back he headed to the Mid Rim Sectors. Tanner found himself heading toward the dark, secluded planet of Anzat. Upon arrival Tanner found the starport city to be nothing like he imagined according to the legend of the Anzati race. Eventually, Tanner found himself at the recruitment center for the Royal Anzatan Commonwealth Navy (RACN).

Tanner enlisted into the Royal Anzatan Commonwealth as a Cadet. Flight training and the academics came easy to him, he graduated with honors and was assigned to the fleet. Tanner became a Starfighter jock. During his tour of duty with the RACN he performed numerous patrols and fleet duties.

On a special note, during a weekend furlough from training, Tanner had an excursion on "The Wheel". In a game of chance within the Golden Star Casino, Tanner won the famous Nu-class Attack Shuttle, 'The Dashing Osprey'. He also met his future personal assistant, Lady Zila Lazla, a Twi'lek.

After about 9 months, Tanner resigned his commission and left for the planet Corellia. He had to seek more information about who was responsible for the untimely death of his family. During this period, Tanner found himself self-distructing through habits of alcohol and ryll. He held several positions, but could not operate coherently, and was more of a liability then an asset. Tanner then crashed into Brendak Kalto; literally. Tanner crashed his Nu-class Shuttle into Brendak Kalto's Horizon Star Yacht. Brendak took him in, sobered him up and became his mentor. Tanner began to come out of his slump, he was hired for a position at Veritas Press. Brendak introduced Tanner to several of his father's friends and financial contributors. Tanner was escorted into the inner circle of the Corellian Merchant's Guild. With several financial donators Tanner reestablished the Corellian Merchant's Guild in the public eye of the galaxy.

Duke of the Council, Brendak Kalto had his own troubles brewing over a moon deal gone sour, and the bounty on his head was bigger than a bantha eating a field of bacta. Alas, Lord Kalto met his doom.

Tanner McFadden then accepted the position as the Grand Duke of the Council for the Corellian Merchant's Guild. He resigned from the Veritas Press and formalized the Corellian Merchants Guild into a legitimate organization.

...Transmission lost...