Tarn Koor

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Tarn Koor
Tarn koor avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jana Nara
Father Tulan Koor
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancer
Rank None
Positions None

Tarn Koor is not the usual of Corellians with a more quiet and cleaner disposition. He prefers to wear grey slacks, a button up shirt, and only nice occasions he likes a tie. This almost "sissy" dress doesn't mean he is one, but he carries his personal blaster to his side.

After serving a year in Kerdos Company, Tarn's wander lust returned and he left the company to become a freelance contract with Vital Enterprises.


Born to a upper-class inter-galactic trader, Tarn Koor, grew up on Corellia learning the trade of his father and mother. Both parents Loyal Imperials, Tarn had envisioned himself as the next great Imperial officer in command of a Star Destroyer.

When he was 20, Tarn left his family with enough credits saved up to buy passage off of Corellia to the Imperial Academy on Coruscant, but his life would be forever changed when he met Hober Mallow.

Hober Maller was another Corellian visiting his home planet and both of them accidentally met in the Star port and Hober offered Tarn an alternative to the Academy. He offered him a ship to use and opening to be able to receive freelancing jobs over time. Not wanting to turn down an opportunity, Tarn Koor signed up to command the Princess Nampi.

For the next year and a half Tarn flew missions for Hober from simple freight jobs to piloting capital ships that needed moved to different locations.

At the anniversary of his leaving Corellia while he was having a stint at picking up passengers, one night a man in a crimson cloak approached him and handed him 100,000cr, a ignition card to a Airspeeder, and an scorched lower section of a destroyed light sabre.

All he simply said was, "You have helped me and these are for you. Remember the Dark Side." and then walked off never to be seen again.

The Library couldn't identify the piece of the light sabre as simply a destroyed light sabre that had been ripped apart and only small parts of the mechanism remained and a crystal in the bottom. The light sabre was made out of a strange silvery metal with strange symbols and Tarn keeps it with him in hopes that maybe he could find out who the man was and what this light sabre was from.

After spending a year working for Kerdos Company as a recycler, the moving bug struck him again and he began to travel the galaxy doing odd jobs. Finding that he needed to have a stable job, he joined Invid.

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