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ECM {{{ECM}}}
Terrain {{{Terrain}}}
Weight Stats
Weight {{{Weight}}}
Volume {{{Volume}}}
Hull Stats
Hull {{{Hull}}}
Deflector Shields {{{Deflector Shields}}}
Ionic Capacity {{{Ionic Capacity}}}
Required Materials
Other Information
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}


The Droid Box template is used for Droid pages only, to describe the Droid. Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling all known fields:

{{Infobox Droid
|Name =
|Image =
|ECM =
|Terrain = 
|Light Blasters =
|Medium Blasters =
|Heavy Blasters = 
|Weight =
|Volume =
|Weight Cap = 
|Volume Cap =
|Hull =
|Deflector Shields = 
|Ionic Capacity = 
|Quantum =
|Meleenium =
|Rudic =
|Tibannagas =
|Varium =
|Hibridium =
|Batch Quantity =
|Skills =
|Estimated RM Price = 
|Affiliation =