Tengri Lethas

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Tengri Lethas
Tengri lethas profile.png
Biographical Information
Race Geonosian
Homeworld Geonosis
Mother Unknown Hive Queen
Father Unknown
Born ~ year -7
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.77m
Hair Color None
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Minister of Trade & Industry
Prior Affiliation Soro-Suub Munitions (merged into MST)

Merr-Sonn (merged into MST)

NeuroSaav Technology (merged into MST)

TransGalMeg Industries (merged into MST)

Merr-Sonn Technologies (2IC and CEO)

"Because that's what we need - someone who'll strike the most brutal blow possible, with perfect aim and with no regard for consequences. Total war."

Tengri Lethas, born approximately in year -7 on Geonosis, is the current Minister of Trade & Industry of the New Republic as well as governor of the Calast system. He has been a citizen of the New Republic for his entire life and supports the Galactic Alliance. Notable skills are a responsible leadership style and an excellent management of production facilities. Before joining the New Republic full time, he lead the Nationalized Corporation Merr-Sonn Technologies.