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Teresa "Cookie" Rowley
Screenshot 19.png
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Mirial
Clan Manalishi
House Rowley
Mother Xhex Manalishi (Deceased)
Father Blackhearted Jack Manalishi (Deceased)
Marital Status Married
Siblings None
Children Christopher Rowley (Deceased), Mishka SorokinDaughter, Kits w/Matsu Makino : Ryu, Sakino, Makino II, Relyn, Takina, Dayko
Born Year -10 Day 363
Died N/A
Languages Galactic Standard
Religion N/A
Quote "Death Before Dishonor, Only In Death Does Duty End"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 130 lbs
Coloring Natural Tanned
Hair Color Red / Dark
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Signature Death Is Only The Beginning


At a Glance

  • NAME: Teresa "Cookie" Rowley


A young Teresa

  • FACTION:Mecrosa
  • Joined: Year 18, Day 290
  • RANK: Senior Officer in Mecrotica
  • Affiliation & Political Standing: Neutral
  • SPECIES: Mirialan
  • HOME WORLD: Mirial
  • CLAN/FAMILY: Manalishi / Rowley
  • Father: Blackhearted Jack Manalishi (Deceased Year 12 Day 146)
  • Mother: Xhex Manalishi (Deceased Year 12 Day 146)
  • Siblings: None
  • BORN: Year -10 Day 363
  • SEX: Female
  • SPOUSE: Endymion Xanatos (Married: Year 18, Day 275)
  • EX SPOUSE: Matsu Makino (Engaged Yr 18 Day 171 .. married Yr 18 Day 178 - Divorced Yr 18 Day 220)
  • Children: Daughter: Mishka, Kits w/Matsu Makino: Ryu, Sakino, Makino II, Relyn, Takina, Dayko
  • EX SPOUSE: Jerex Nizz (Married : Year 17, Day 302 to Year 18, Day 170 presumed deceased Returned Yr 18 Day 180)
  • EX SPOUSE: Chris Rowley (Deceased) (Born Year -09 Day 0 Deceased Year 12 Day 146)
  • Children: Christopher Rowley (son) (Born Y10 D97)(Deceased Year 12 Day 146)



  • HEIGHT: 1.6 meters
  • WEIGHT: 130 lbs
  • EYES: Hazel
  • HAIR: Red /Dark
  • SKIN: Natural Tanned
  • NOTICEABLE FEATURES: Tribal Tattoo on her right side of face(gotten after she left GE and discovered her mother's Mirialan lineage) and a scar that runs along her right shoulder to her waist.
  • CLOTHES: Is always in black, her two DH-17 6 pistols, her special cookie, and liquor flasks on her waist. Her LJ-90 BlasTech Rifle on her back. Only on rare occasions is she seen wearing anything else.

Strengths and Weaknesses



  • LOYAL ( Loyal to her rare few friends as well as the members of her two factions that are like family to her. )
  • TRAINING (Is trained in both armed and unarmed fighting as well as fighter and capital ship piloting.)
  • EDUCATION (Has had some type of education as she enjoys reading and learning.)


  • COOKIES (She always carries some )
  • ALCOHOL (Loves aged Corellian Whiskey, she always keeps a flask of it on her.)

Teresa's Children

Christopher Rowley

QMm1OlY.jpg (Born Y10 D97)(Deceased Year 12 Day 146)

Mishka Sorokin

Mishka Blend 3v18.png

Kits w/Matsu Makino: Ryu, Sakino, Makino II, Relyn, Takina, Dayko

WIWQnMA.jpg Kits.png

From early life to Adult life and service in the Empire

Pre Galactic Empire

Teresa was born on a now long gone luxury space station to freighter parents Jack and Xhex Manalishi. She grew up helping her parents and their crew. Her companion was Chris Rowley the young son of a couple that worked with her parents. Soon friendship blossomed to love. On Teresa's 18th birthday Chris and Teresa married. A year later their son Christopher was born. Times were good and they continued working with their parents traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other moving supplies for those that hired the small family run group.

Death & Dark Times


Shortly before her son's second birthday, tragedy struck. Pirates attacking the ship solely for its cargo killed nearly all on board during the assault including Teresa's parents, husband, and young son. During the assault Teresa was critically wounded when a section of the ship had fallen on her, creating a jagged cut going from her shoulder to her waist almost crushing her. A patrolling Imperial ship seeing the wreck sent troopers to evaluate the situation and seek out potential survivors where they found Teresa on the edge of death. After several long painful months of healing and frustrating treatments, Teresa finally was medically cleared to leave the medical platform she had spent much time reflecting on the tragedy. She would always bear a reminder of the assault in the form of a long scar running down her right side. Upon her release from the platform, Teresa wandered around the galaxy unsure of what to do, taking what jobs she could get, drowning her paychecks away in cantinas around the galaxy. Quick to temper when drunk, after one fight and arrest the Imperial Judge having known her parents and reflective on her past have her the choice of a prison colony or military service. She chose the latter knowing full well it was the only way to avenge her family and repay those that saved her life.

Galactic Empire & Imperial Navy


Imperial Star Destroyer


At 23 Teresa applied to the Academy of the Empire and upon graduation joined the Imperial Navy. During her first year, she was falsely accused of a crime and almost killed. She was rescued and cleared with the help of her commander at the time and fellow fleet pilots. Earning him and the fleet her undying loyalty.

Fresh Start

Shortly after she was transferred to the 2nd fleet where she was determined to start fresh and make a new life for herself. With careful planning and purchasing, she started buying properties, ships, stations and NPC's to resell. Her past she never mentions, No one knows from where she comes nor does she say. When asked she rarely replies if she does it's only to say it's the past and best forgotten.

Love, Betrayal & Death

Teresa finally meets a young Kiffer with a troubled past during a trade deal and the two becomes friends sharing their dark troubled pasts. As their friendship grew they fell in love and after a couple of years decided to openly become a couple and talked of marriage. But it was not to be, Ben changed groups to allow them to marry. The night of their announcement Ben was betrayed by a traitor in his new fraction and murdered before Teresa and Ben's friends even offer to pay for his freedom. Teresa still carries the last message Ben managed to send her before his death. Benares Kurogane's last message he managed to get to her before he was killed. Year 16 Day 326, 19:36 This will be the last time you will receive a message from me. I don't know why but someone put up a private bounty on me.. the person who pick it up had a friend in Hapes. I was assign a ship and they were waiting for me on board.. I will not survive the night.. I'm sorry. I wish I could stay with you but faith had other plans.. remember that I love you even in the after life.. my last wish for you is that you be happy.. I hope someone can love you and stay by you're side where I could not..

After his death she received word about those that killed him from one of his friends who set out to find Ben's murders. Teresa,I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that I now know who set Ben up and why. Bad news is, we can't get to them. The girl that set him up in Hapes is named Eve Reighner . She is deceased. Apparently Hapes wasn't too thrilled with how she set up Ben so they arrested and executed her. The guy who paid her to do it, was named Torak Kissell. He was a member of Total Outer Rim. Before she died, Eve implicated him as the one who paid her off. She didn't know why. Torak is also now deceased as he committed suicide to escape meeting his deserved fate from the bounty placed on him for Ben's murder.

Jerex Nizz

Jerex Nizz & Teresa Rowley
Cookie and Nizz.jpg.png
Names Jerex Nizz & Teresa Rowley
Date Met Year 17 Day 4
Date Engaged Year 17 Day 280
Date Married Year 17 Day 302
Date Divorced Year 18 Day 170
Children none

Teresa agreed to go to the Mascarade Ball with Aves never realizing her life was about to change forever. Shortly after the emperor's arrive Ave is called away on a highly important mission causing him to have to leave. As she sits in the lounge contemplating leaving to return to duty or stay. A handsome stranger offers to buy her a drink.

The ball.jpg

Before long they are out on the dance floor, and they both learn they have a lot in common. Both are Navy CMDR's and FSO's as well as both share strong feelings for the Empire and even stronger feelings for each other, as it was love at first sight.

During a romantic trip to Naboo Jerex set the stage for a wonderful surprise and the two soon become a couple. They purchased their first residence on Maal where they enjoy time together when not on duty or traveling.

The date for their wedding was set.

Shortly after the date was set Teresa left the Empire and acquired Joruba Trading Corp which she renamed Express Enterprices on Jerex's Advice and made it a totally neutral company. Just before their marriage Teresa purchased Drearian Defense Conglomerate adding it to the growing company. Jerex continued to advice her on uniform designs and security things he thought would be ok and that did not he mistakenly thought risk his career in the Empire. Something he was soon to find out without warning.

Wedding Betrayal & Loss

Jerex and Teresa were both honored when several GE members and officers appeared as guests at their wedding, many showing support. Yet they soon were to learn that one was there not in support but there to arrest Jerex, on part for their marriage and for offering Teresa advice on setting up her new company. Teresa heard nothing from Jerex for months after his arrest, all her inquires when unanswered. Finally Jerex contacted Teresa letting her know he had been released, but their relationship was deeply strained by the Empire's new restrictions and by the damage the arrest had done. Soon the long stretches grew longer between contacts between the couple, until soon all Teresa's messages to Jerex went unanswered. Teresa no longer knew if Jerex was alive or dead at the hands of the very group she had once was a part of, The Galactic Empire.

New Beginnings

New Discovery and Answers to an Old Mystery


Y17 D95 While in the process of negotiations for building a production hub on the world Mirial, Teresa was approached by a group of Mirialans that had known her parents before her birth. She soon learned that she was not human as she had always believed but Mirialan. Before long she met her remaining family and learned her family's history. While with them, she agreed to receive her tattoos and piercings as are custom with her family and race.

Matsu Makino

Matsu Makino & Teresa Rowley
Names Matsu Makino & Teresa Rowley
Date Met Year 12
Date Engaged Year 18 Day 171
Date Married Year 18 Day 178
Date Divorced Year 18 Day 220
Children Daughter: Mishka , Kits w/Matsu Makino: Ryu, Sakino, Makino II, Relyn, Takina, Dayko


Makino and one of their kits

On one of the many trips Teresa made to various Cantinas after the tragedy of her family's demise, she came across a young Togorian. Meeting by chance at one of the Cantinas long forgotten somewhere in the outer rim. The Togorian in question went by the name of Matsu Makino, in Basic read Makino Matsu. Matsu, young and carefree at the time instantly interested the young Teresa who herself was reckless and looking for fun. The two immediately hit it off well and after many rounds of drinks, found themselves developing a budding friendship that left an impression on the young Teresa. Too soon, the time came when they went separate ways, leaving Teresa to wondering if she would ever see the young Togorian again.

As the years passed, Teresa still found herself wondering what had happened to Makino, never knowing that fate had plans that would have the two meeting again, this time as more mature adults still in their youth, but grounded more with life's harsh lessons.

In Y18, Makin Matsu, now having ascended to the Leader of the family clan and obtaining the title of Lord, gathered together with business leaders about his plans for bringing a Royal Horse Derby Association (R-HDA) to the public. One of the recipients of such invite was Teresa Rowley. Over talks of the derby, the two decided to renew their friendship over dinner and drinks. This soon grew into a daily occurrence as the two grew closer together, forming something much more than simple friendship. It grew more apparent between the two that their relationship had grown from simple friendship to something much more intimate, with stolen glances and midnight rendezvous happening almost daily, the two decided to announce their engagement. They were married a week later, rushing the proceedings forgoing a proper wedding for a small private ceremony. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last as rumors of infidelity spread. Still, throughout the rumors and hardship of divorce, the two remained close friends and business partners in several businesses, including the EE Late Night Credit Fight Auction. During their divorce, both often found themselves in each other's company, even behind closed doors where acts remain sealed. Though both sought partners elsewhere, they soon realized that they still loved each other deeply, often staying over and spending the days together longing to be a family again. They planned their marriage, this time strengthened by the resolve they had in knowing that they could not find happiness elsewhere, they became inseparable a force to be reckoned with. During their marriage they were blessed with several children, the first daughter from their first marriage was Mishka Sorokin who they adopted thinking they could not have children themselves. Shortly before their marriage ended, Teresa had genetic therapy and the two attempted to have children on their own but was told it was a failure, it's assumed this was part of the hardship that lead to their split.

During their divorce however, a miracle happened as the doctors later confirmed the treatment did in fact work and Teresa was found to be pregnant with not one but six healthy kits.

Just a few days after Teresa and Matsu's marriage, Jerex returned. He left the Empire and Teresa made his XO of Express Enterprises and Drearian Defense Conglomerate, the position she had promised him before he disappeared. Jerex set about organizing and bringing the companies into more uniformed and efficiant operations. He became a major force in the companies and a strong figurehead at the helm beside his partner and former wife. Jerex left the group when the companies changed hands.

A Surprise Reunion leads to a New Future

Endymion Xanatos & Teresa Rowley
Names Endymion Xanatos & Teresa Rowley
Date Met Year 12
Date Engaged Year 18, Day 265
Date Married Year 18, Day 275
Children n/a

Teresa due to issues, left Express Recycling in control of Joe Raptor and Matsu Makino. She dropped from command to be a pilot in The Order of Mecrosa, and soon returned to her pre Empire ways of drinking heavily, in her spare hours when not with her kits, were once more spent in Cantinas where ever her ship took her, her kits and ship the only things she seemed to care for.


It was during one of these trips that she ran into an old friend,from her pre Empire days,Endymion Xanatos, like her Endymion was a logistic pilot that enjoyed his whiskey. The two had had a short relationship before parting over a disagreement from Teresa deciding to join the Galactic Empire who Endymion hated. After a few days talking, Teresa told Endymion she had left the Empire and was currently a pilot in OoM. It was soon apparent that the feelings that they had once shared for each other had not dimmed with the years, but had increased. It was no long before the two found themselves once more together, this time they became engaged and soon learned they were expecting a couple of welcome surprises.


They were married in a small intimate ceremony on a beach on Nimban, where they also spent part of their honeymoon, before going to Endymion's home planet, Togoria.


The veiw from their beachside room

Dinner with endy.jpg

Teresa & Endymion having a romantic dinner on the beach on Nimban

Factions Post Galactic Empire

SSI Ruuvi Technologies

While on LOA from the GE, Teresa agreed to help Henryetta start a new business along with her former Commander and friend Mick. Resigning from GE, Teresa soon found herself traveling the vastness of space in this new venture. She quickly grew dissatisfied with Henryetta business practices and started looking for a new group.

Solonar Rangers

Teresa joined the Rangers as a privateer under the leadership of Exanthium Kerensky after talking to Brian MacBoruma. With Teresa's Naval training she was made the mercenary group's military Task Force Charlie Commander. From one of her flagships, she commanded her squads protecting the groups assets. She officially left the GE to better begin her new life.

Drearian Defense Conglomerate

Shortly after joining Solonar Rangers Teresa was approached by the groups leaders and was asked to lead the groups recently acquired production company. Agreeing she started at once to work on rebuilding the shell company into a strong manufacturing unit for the group. Later when the business was offered to her to buy she bought it adding it to the Express Enterprices family.

Joruba Trading Corp later renamed Express Enterprices

Express Enterprices, formerly Joruba Trading Corporation was originally formed by Three Brothers under the name of Joruba Consortium.

The Consortium enjoyed a successful wholesale distribution business buying up cheap stock in backwater planets shipping it to more desirable locations and then selling it for profit. It kept itself relatively quiet in the public domain due to it being a front for their various illegal activities. Fortunately, the Sector Rangers picked up on these activities and arranged a sting operation. They sent in Two Agents, who infiltrated the Consortium, Capturing the Three Brothers and seizing all their assets. Then with change in the rules of Galactic Trading, the Sector Rangers were approached about the possibility of reforming Joruba back into the once great faction it was.

After almost four years, Joruba Consortium was acquired by the Solonar Ranger family on Year 17, Day 33. Brian MacBoruma became the owner and lead trader. He changed the name to Joruba Trading Corp, and continued to follow in the footsteps of the previous owners.

In Year 17, Day 313, Teresa Rowley acquired Joruba Trading Corp from Brian MacBoruma, upon his retirement and merged it into her growing NFG; Express Enterprices. She changed JTC's name to Express Enterprices, expanded the services offered, ensuring that it would continue to thrive and expand. The board of directors she had set up for her NFG quickly stepped up to help in running the faction, each director heading a different department in the growing company, all working together towards making the company run smoothly and efficiently, to provide top quality services to their customers.

In Year 18, Teresa Rowley Purchased Drearian Defense Conglomerate from Exanthium Kerensky

In Year 18, Day 171, Express Enterprices & Drearian Defense Conglomerate where invited to join the neutral group, Rim Commonality.

In Year 18, Day 239, Teresa and her husband Makino, started, Express Recycling to add to their growing corporation.

In Year 18, Day 250, Teresa due to issues sold Drearian Defense Conglomerate to Dominic von Black, Express Enterprices was soon in the control of another. Leaving Teresa with only her controlling shares in Express Recycling which she left in control of Joe Raptor and Matsu Makino. She dropped from command to be a pilot in The Order of Mecrosa, and soon returned to her pre Empire was of drinking heavily, her spare hours once more spent in Cantinas where ever her ship took her, her kits and ship the only things she seemed to care for.

Year 18, Day 290, Teresa sold Express Recycling after the death of Matsu Makino to the group Mecrotica, She joined their rank of senior officers to lead their recycling group, Renew. She sold all but one Hub from which she operated her NFG, Rogue Tiger, from which she does privates sales.

Service Records


  • Y18 D290, Senior Officer & Leader of Renew

The Order of Mecrosa

  • Y18 D 259, Pilot

Express Recycling

  • purchased: Year 18, Day 239
  • sold: Year 18, Day 290
  • Rank = Director / Owner
  • Positions = CEO & C0-Owner with Matsu Makino & Joe Raptor

Express Enterprices

  • Joined: Year 17, Day 289
  • Obtained: Year 17, Day 313 Dispossed of: Year 18, Day 250
  • Rank = Faction Leader /Director/ Owner
  • Positions = CEO & Owner

Joruba Trading Corp

  • Y17 D 289, Faction Leader, CEO, Task Force Commander
  • Obtained & Renamed Y 17 D 313

Drearian Defense Conglomerate

  • Y17 D 68, Faction Leader, Task Force Commander
  • Left Y 17 D 289
  • purchased: Year 18, Day 43 Sold Year 18, Day 250
  • Rank = Director / Owner
  • Positions = CEO & Owner

Solonar Rangers Service History

  • Y 17 D 23, Privateer
  • Y 17 D 23, Task Force Charlie Commander
  • Left Y 17 D 68

Galactic Empire Service History

  • Y14 D343, 1st Group Member
  • Y15 D213, 2nd Group Member
  • Y16 D18, 2nd Group INSC
  • Y16 D295, 2nd Imperial Fleet Signals Officer
  • Left Y 17 D 21
Grade Rank Galactic Date
[T-1] Recruit - Year 14 Day - Year 14 Day 343
[O-1] Ensign Year 14 Day 343 - Year 15 Day 150
[O-2] Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 15 Day 150 - Year 15 Day 252
[O-3] Lieutenant Year 15 Day 252 - Year 16 Day 73
[O-4] Lieutenant Commander Year 16 Day 73 - Year 16 Day 295
[O-5] Commander Year 16 Day 295 - Year 17 Day 21

Award History

  • Y16 D56, Basic Starfighter Wings
  • Y16 D56, Advanced Starfighter Wings

Ribbon Date Awarded
Imperial Academy Basic Graduate award [IABG] Year 14 Day 343
Mention In Dispathces [MID] Year 15 Day 190
Mention In Dispathces x2 [MIDx2] Year 15 Day 220
Mention In Dispathces x3 [MIDx3] Year 16 Day 14
Mention In Dispathces x4 [MIDx4] Year 16 Day 105
Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year Year 16 Day 215
Imperial Activity Medal Year 16 Day 329
Unit Distinguished Service Award Year 17 Day 14
Imperial Service Medal - 2 Year Year 17 Day 16
Imperial Monthly Meeting Award Year 17 Day 16