The Potentium Order

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The Potentium Order
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Odac Drol
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 217
Political Information
Affiliation Year 15 Day 84
Industry Religious

Founded on principles thought up in the long abandon halls of an ancient force temple on Zonama Sekot, the followers of Potentium profess that the views of the force largely publicized by much of the galaxy is based on a Lie.

Unlike the Jedi and Sith Orders, the followers of Potentium view the force from a totally different perspective. The followers of Potentium claim that there is no inherent evil in the force, believing that the potential for light and dark resides within the user, and not the Force itself.

The force is neither light nor dark, but merely a tool that the user can use for an intended purpose. The darkness brought about by those who claim to be dark side users is due to their own personality flaws, and not any inherent evil in the force itself.

A true master of the force can be a practitioner of all things the force offers, and limiting oneself to either light or dark is shortsighted and wrong. The Potentium Order believes that if the Force is energy that flows through all life, the dark side simply comes from the corruption of person wielding the force, not the force itself. We feel that if we can be perfectly moral, we can wield the dark side and be immune to the possible corruption seen in others and therefore use any technique they want without negative lasting effect.

In Potentium, we believe that the Jedi teachings to completely forbid the use of the raw emotion the dark side offers are merely based on fear. During the history, much pain and suffering has come from those who ‘fell’ to the dark side. In reality, it was not the force that did this, but the force users’ personal flaws the brought about these events. Had their training been more complete, the user may have been able to overcome emotion and challenges of life and a crisis could have been avoided. Those who are fully trained in the Potentium ways are able to control their emotions and use the dark side freely, twisting it to meet their own will, and not see the terrible end result documented throughout history seen with dark side users.

Potentium is open to senients from all corners of the galaxy without restriction and offers training for both light and dark sided force users. We also are looking to hire Acolytes to assist in the daily running of our temples and cathedrals. If you have any questions about the Potentium way, or our Religious Organization, please visit us in our IRC room or Send a Message to our Faction Leader.