The Sun Will Always Burn

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The Sun Will Always Burn
Posted by: Alexander von Ismay - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 14 Day 351 Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser {LvI} Pollice Verso in system Malicar (94, 402).

Malicar News Network (MNN) in Conjunction with Ismay News Network (INN) -- Mieru'kar Sector


Deep from the bowels of Golgotha, a Council meets inside an ancient Mausoleum. Very few living beings have had the honour of setting foot inside the structure - housed in the belly of the Darkstar 'Ill Gotten Gains'. The Council had been gathered to decide the fate of the Black Sun.


After long deliberation, the Council disbanded, and returned to their respected Sectors of operation. Resigning their respective places in the Family, Empress Niobe Asha and Vigo Cait Catra-Asha amicably parted ways with the organization, vaguely citing a 'higher calling' having to do with their cultural heritage.


For their many years of tireless devotion and efforts to further the Black Sun syndicate, the pair was reportedly gifted the Gree system upon leaving, just one of the many pristine gems in the Family's crown of vice. The sudden departure of the pair left a power vacuum within the Family, and Alexander von Ismay (is reported to have) stepped into the role of head of the Family, respectfully retiring the Empress Asha's title in favor of the more traditional Dark Prince.

A video statement was released from Alexander - who is vacationing at his Family Estate of Belmont.


"Dear Galaxy. We are Black Sun. We are many. We are back - Family. Honour. Profit."