Theron Snowlocke

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Theron Snowlocke
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Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Inyri
Father Unknown
Marital Status Single
Born Year -10, day 233 (Age: 25)
Quote Potere attraverso la ricchezza spada e intimidazioni
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Coloring Fair
Hair Color Black with a snow white streak
Eye Color Light Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Sienar Technologies
Rank Manager
Positions Pilot and Recruitment Officer

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Theron Snowlocke (tair:on snow:lock; born Year -10, Day 233) is currently a freelance pilot under contract with Sienar Technologies. Born on Tatooine, Theron grew up among the various freighter pilots and other colorful denizens of the spaceport. In Year 1 he left his homeworld, signing on as part of the crew of a small freighter in order to travel the galaxy. Eventually he left its service and wandered for a time ending up on Gand where he contracted with Alissma.




Theron Snowlocke was born in Year -10, Day 233 on Tatooine. Son to Inyri, a dancer at The Bold Spacers Cantina, one of Mos Espa's less seedy establishments. His mother never told him anything about his father, and he never asked. The fact that he was not around was all Theron needed to know. His mother did the best that she could to provide for him, working in the Cantina as well as in a local traders shop. This meant that the time she could spend with him was limited, something he never faulted her for. The blame, in his mind, lay squarely upon the shoulders of his absent father. Growing up, Theron was left to his own devices for the most part. He had no formal education or training and spent his days either wandering the streets of Mos Espa with friends, or hanging around the spaceport and other places frequented by the multitude of spacers and the like. Hours would be spent listening with fascination to the stories of harrowing space battles, descriptions of far off worlds and strange, exotic races. These stories fueled his dreams of travelling through the stars and taking part in adventures much like the ones he had heard. His days of wandering the streets and alleys of Mos Espa served to hone his survival skills, provided an education in street smarts, taught him to be self-reliant and to think on his feet. Whenever he was able he would beg, borrow and sometimes even steal data pads, studying them and learning all that he could about the galaxy beyond his dusty home. His many experiences on the streets of settlement, both good and bad, also led to the development of his own personalized code of conduct.

When his mother suddenly died in Year 1, when he was just eleven years of age and having no other family, Theron made the decision to strike out on his own. He signed on as a 'cabin boy' aboard the first ship that would have him, a Class VI bulk freighter, named The Vagabond Trader, which plied the Outer Rim trade routes.

The Vagabond Trader Years

Theron's duties for the first couple of years aboard The Vagabond Trader consisted of menial ship board chores, in between which he would learn the various aspects of operating a star ship from the rest of the crew. Over time he was given more and more responsibilities, first training as a kind of apprentice under the ships engineer, then as an assistant to the ships second officer. Finally, at the age of 17, Theron was made a full member of the crew, becoming the new second officer when the previous second officer died during a skirmish with pirates. Over the next three years he served executing his duties to the best of his abilities. It is during this time that Theron began to experience strong feelings of wanderlust. He began to realize that the life of a crewman was not for him. He relished his privacy and felt better when relying on himself. Eventually at the age of 20, in Year 10, he decided to leave the ship which he had called home and set off on his own with the goal of making a name for himself and finding the adventure he sought.

The Blood Angels

After leaving the Vagabond Trader and over the next 5 years Theron served as an officer in a small mercenary group, (The Angelus Sanguinem or Blood Angels). The Blood Angels took part in mostly anti-pirate operations, occasional bounty collections and as private "security" for various wealthy clients.

Credo of the Angelus Sanguinem

What is your life? My honor is my life.

What is your fate? Duty is my fate.

What is your fear? My fear is to fail in my mission, or to let down my battle brothers.

What is your reward? Glory is my reward.

What is your craft? My craft is death.

What is your pledge? My pledge is eternal service. While the enemies of Corellia still draw breath, I can have no peace. While traitors hearts still beat, I can have no respite. While the wicked prey upon the weak and the innocent, I shall visit justice upon them."

The Motto

"We are the Blood Angels,the wicked should know fear when our gaze falls upon them, for our wrath is soon to follow."

The Wandering Years

Over the next several years after leaving the Blood Angels Theron was constantly on the move, travelling from system to system working on whatever ship would provide passage in trade for services rendered. From time to time he would stay on different planets, visiting some famous place or simply resting for a short time. Settling down permanently was never in the cards. After all, why stay in one place? The galaxy is full of wonder and opportunity and Theron wanted to see it all, the famous places, and maybe even discover something never before seen. In Year 15 on day 154 Theron arrived on the planet of Moobia. He met with a representative from Sienar Technologies and contracted with them as a freighter pilot.

Current Known Affiliations/Career

  1. Sienar Conglomerate as of Year 15 on day 154
    1. Sienar Technologies - Current Grade S3
      1. Transport Pilot
      2. Recruiter

Personal Information


Theron in Year 15Theron is a male Human stands 6'4" and weighs approximately 245 pounds with a slight, athletic build. He has smooth, fair skin, and is clean shaven. His hair, which often has a tussled appearance is dark brown except for a streak of snow white (from which his last name derives). His piercing, light blue eyes seem to look through whomever his gaze settles upon. It is obvious that his slim, aquiline nose has been broken at some point in time and his neutral expression seldom offers any hint of his true thoughts or feelings. He has a black corvus tattooed on his back. When he speaks it is with smooth, cultured tones.

His clothing choices are varied and are dependent upon his immediate situation and needs. When planet side (be it for recreation or business dealings) he is commonly attired in the fairly good quality civilian attire and when a formal event calls for a dress code, Theron has one or two pieces of stylish formal attire. Most of the time however, he tends to wear a standard flight suit both for comfort and to shield himself from the surrounding environment as necessary.

Personality and Habits

One of the most important things to Theron is his personal honor, in all of its manifestations. He keeps his personal appearance neat and is well groomed at all times. He always makes an effort to speak properly, seldom using spacer jargon or obscenities.

Theron has always preferred to keep his own company, over that of others. He is very self-sufficient and has learned to rely on his own abilities out of necessity as he grew up. But even though he tends to go his own way, he is willing to work with others when the situation dictates. But in the end, his ship is his sanctuary and the cockpit is where he feels most comfortable. He finds it comforting to set a course and ply the space lanes, alone.

In most instances Theron tends to be more practical than intellectual, trying to find the most direct solution to any problem. He believes a person should make all decisions in a cool, logical fashion. Choices should not be made rashly and one should never over complicate a situation with emotion. Emotion only serves to confuse things, making them more difficult and oft times leads to very bad choices or ill considered actions. He is however not a stupid person and likes to occasionally surprise friends and strangers alike by showing off his knowledge of a wide range of topics. He has always tended to be a quiet individual, choosing to observe his surroundings, gathering information. At times this makes him seem to be aloof or snobbish, or more often than not, it just makes people uneasy. This is just what Theron wants, because when people are uneasy and don't know how to react to him, it can give him the advantage. When he does speak however, it is because he has something important or relevant to share, he seldom engages in idle chatter or small talk. And even though people might consider him humorless, or too serious, he does have a good sarcastic, dry sense of humor and a quick wit.

Through necessity he has grown to be wary in his personal dealings, however he also places a good deal of stock in the fundamental decency of most people. This faith in an individuals' ability to do the right thing comes from the countless selfless acts he has witnessed in his travels. He prefers to deal with people on a one on one basis and judges each person according to their actual deeds. Clans, factions, governments, etc. don't make a person good or evil by default. Although he strives to keep his feelings in check, and often seems to be lacking in empathy, Theron can be a man of compassion with a strong sense of nobility and honor. He is very protective of his crew and fiercely loyal to his friends. His trust and friendship however are things which he gives out sparingly. When betrayed or made to look like a fool Theron seldom extends the hand of friendship again and is very slow to give a second chance. Once burned is one time too many.

Theron tends to take on whatever job he can get, no questions asked, so long as the pay is right. He is not a hardened criminal, but is also not above participating in the odd petty theft, making a smuggling run, contracting a questionable salvage operation, participating in intelligence gathering operations or even collecting on the odd bounty. He will often turn a blind eye to the legality of a job, so long as it does not go against his own moral code, which is colored by several shades of grey. There are no absolutes. Perhaps rules are not meant to be broken, but there is nothing saying that they can’t be bent to the point of breaking. His word is his word, and once given it is more binding than the most elaborate contract. This does not mean however that he doesn't appreciate the advantage a carefully crafted lie can provide, especially when mixed with the right amount of the truth. His one non-negotiable rule is that he does not in any way profit off of the slave trade nor prey on the weak, those who cannot defend themselves. Slave traders, in Theron's' eyes, are the most contemptible of all criminals. Though he is not an advocate of needless bloodshed, Theron won’t shy away from a judicious use of force. He is more than willing to shoot first and skip the questions; and oft times a "fair fight" just is not strictly a necessity. Wrongs cannot be allowed to go unpunished. After all, as he is fond of saying “If someone means to hurt you, you hurt them first and hurt them bad. Make sure they never want to be in the same solar system as you again.”

Galactic Comm channels

  1. #cmg-sienar
  2. #Bart's-Bar
  3. #theron1187 (Personal Comlink channel)

Favorite Quotes and Sayings

“…Scoundrel. I like the sound of that.”

"Behold the first and greatest commandment: 'Know the score.'

“Credits buy a man’s silence for a time. A shot from a blaster buys it forever.”

“If someone means to hurt you, hurt them first and to the point that they won’t ever want to be in the same system as you again.”

Potere attraverso la ricchezza spada e intimidazioni – Power through wealth the sword and intimidation.

Saltan valoramosa n telval mord = 'Assumption is the first step into a shallow grave.'

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