Thorrn Razer

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Count Thorrn Razer
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Arthalinea Rist
Father Sallaros Rist
Spouse none
Siblings (in descending order of age)
  • none
Children None
Born Alderaan, Year -12 Day 9
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation (in order of precedence)
Title Count
Prior Affiliation (in alphabetical order)
  • none

Count Thorrn Razer is the hereditary Count of the Noble House Rist. He was given the name Razer as part of his training, due in part to his sharp wit.


Birth and Early Years

Thorrn Razer is the son of Arthalinea and Alderaanian Nobleman Sallaros Rist. At the age of four, Thorrn was enrolled in the illegal Exchange Academy to study the arts of espionage and assassination.

Five years later, during a deep-space training session and the last session before Thorrn could become an apprentice, their ship was attacked and the students were all placed in an escape pod. Stranded in the escape pod after the pirate attack Thorrn managed to take charge of the students and kept them all alive. They were eventually found by House Knight's consular ship, en route to Coruscant. Knowing that his family would face certain exile if he was discovered, Thorrn adopted the surname Razer, based off his Exchange training identity. While onboard, Thorrn was abused by the guards until Prince Jeff Knight ordered the guards to not take their anger out on children.

After being sure that he could not be followed, Thorrn sent a secret message to his mother and father to let them know he was alive, but could not contact them. Thorrn decided to keep his alias permanently, to protect his family and became active in Alderaan's criminal elements.

During his fifteenth year, Thorrn discovered the plot to assassinate the royal family of Alderaan. As a blooded-noble of Alderaan, he owed his allegiance to the crown, and owed a debt to Prince Knight. It was Thorrn who contacted the Senator's security chief and gave the Knight family time to escape Coruscant. He also contacted his mother and father, and they were able to escape Alderaan with him. All three flew to a rallying point on Corellia to meet up with other nobles who had been able to evade capture and execution. Once there, Razer sought out Prince Knight and asked for his help in protecting his "passengers." During their meeting, however, Exchange bounty hunters had located Thorrn's ship and relayed this information. It wasn't long before the entire starport was engulfed in a firefight between the Royal Guard, House Rist's bodyguards, and bounty hunters. Thorrn was cut off from his family.


Joining Jeff and his brothers, Thorrn was also upset with Daistheron Conclave's decision to not go back and rescue those left behind. At the next port, Thorrn jumped ship and withdrew the credits from several private accounts. With that money, he purchased another starship and went back to Corellia in a failed attempt to search for his mother and father. To this day, he doesn't know what happened to them.

After several years wandering the galaxy, picking up the odd job to make ends meet, Razer met Jeff Knight once again. This time, Thorrn was smuggling illegal spice in Rebel Alliance space. Arrested and charged with smuggling, Thorrn thought his days were numbered. A blood test confirmed that he was listed in an Exchange database as an operative and also an Alderaanian noble. Jeff was furious and had Razer brought to his ship. It was at this meeting that Thorrn's life would change forever.

Faced with the knowledge that he would certainly be executed, as the Alliance had no love for Exchange operatives, he revealed his past to Knight. Once again, Knight had mercy on Thorrn Razer and instead of being executed, Jeff pulled some strings so he would only serve fifteen years of hard labor in an Alliance prison.

Prison and Nagatee Career

During his stay in prison, Thorrn learned to survive by a combination of his wit, training, and natural talent. Thorrn's skills came to the attention of the warden, and when asked to provide replacement troops and operatives, the warden was more than happy to get rid of this troublemaker.

On his first mission, Thorrn and his squad were sent on a suicide mission. Thorrn shocked his superiors when not only he, but the whole team returned. During the debriefing, it was discovered that Thorrn had gone off orders and instead caused the entire city's power generator to explode, instead of cutting the line that went to the Imperial Intelligence office. This explosion killed dozens and injured hundreds, but also had the added advantage of drawing the stormtroopers guarding the II office away from their posts in order to respond to the emergency. It was decided that Thorrn's actions were too unpredictable to trust and he was not offered a position in the Alliance, but their agreement to release him from prison was honored.

Shipless and stranded Thorrn signed on as a crewman on a freighter. While on board, he was known for his acerbic nature and his uncivil way of accomplishing tasks. After two years on the freighter, he was promoted to First Mate and finally learned who he was really working for. It seems his fate is to be intertwined with his Prince's, for the freighter was contracted to Nagatee Inc. and Jeff was the Vice President of this company. It was on this first haul that the ship was by pirates. The captain was killed in the opening volley, but managed to get the shields up. Thorrn recognized the markings immediately and ordered the freighter rammed into the pirate capital ship. Causing more damage to the pirate frigate, as it was unshielded to allow fighters to launch, Thorrn led his crew in a boarding action and took the ship. He executed every pirate he could find and told his crew to show no mercy. For this action, he was commended by the Nagatee crown and asked to appear in the Royal Court. For his actions, the Crown gave him command of a new starship and a crew, under the employ of Nagatee Inc.