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System Timora
Sector Bakura
Galactic Coordinates (-220, -255)
System Coordinates (8, 8)
Rotational Period 18 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 402 standard days [1]
Astrographic Entry Timora
Type moon
Primary Terrain: forest, rock, glacier, ocean
Controlled By The Wraiths
Governor Jen'Taral Xrati Zee
Magistrate Hortator Eff Kaar
Population 25,838,255 inhabitants


A planet ideal for sustaining life, and often a welcome home for a multitude of sentients across the galaxy. A comparatively stable environment and a relatively narrow band of temperatures, make this one of the least hazardous planets in the galaxy. Not that this means the planet is without its dangers, with anything from aggressive biological life to destructive storms.