Trandoshan ways

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Trandoshan ways
Trandoshan religion.png
Status Active
Deities Scorekeeper
Ceremonies Shko-yagu
Planet of origin Trandosha
Founded Unknown

As a species, Trandoshan are renowned across the galaxy for great strength and aggressive lifestyle. This comes from their culture that has been firmly rooted in their religion where they worship the goddess, the Scorekeeper (a deity who exists beyond time and space) who serves as a gatekeeper for the afterlife.

Scorekeeper and Jagannath points

Scorekeeper watches Trandoshan hunters, and awards them "Jagannath points" for each kill,a concept of the Trandoshan religion. Jagannath points are earned by hunters for each kill, and when they die, the Scorekeeper would tally the points to determine the hunter's place in the afterlife.The more prestigious or rare the target killed, the higher its value in "points" would be. The condition of the pelt did not matter to her. Wookiees were prized as a particularly high point-value target. The stakes of failure were quite high, however—all jagganath points were erased by shame or capture in the process of a hunt, giving the Trandoshan in question a value of zero in the eyes of the Scorekeeper. They could, however, win all those points back by killing the one who zeroed their score.

Ceremony of Shko-yagu

The shko-yagu is a ritual in the Trandoshan society and like culture, is rooted in the Trandoshan religion. Shko-yagu signifies the person's rebirth and transition over the midpoint of life, it involves contemplation, fasting, and required the person to constantly hunt throughout it. At the end of the ritual, the Trandoshan is required to consume a flake of their molted skin.