Tri-Star Alliance

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Tri-Star Alliance
Tri-Star Alliance Emblem.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader King Andrew Starfyre (Hapes)
King Tholin Dur`aak (Falleen)
President Dunkler Klerus (Anzat)
Members Hapes Consortium
Falleen Federation
New Anzat Order
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 0
Dissolved Year 2
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Economic and Military Agreement
Holosite None

The Tri-Star Alliance, also known as the Triple Alliance, was a tenuous political alignment of three major powers — consisting of King Andrew Starfyre's Hapes Consortium, King Tholin Dur`aak's Falleen Federation, and President Dunkler Klerus' New Anzat Order — that existed circa Year 0 to Year 2. The alliance was envisioned by Starfyre and Dur`aak as a third power-bloc beholden to neither the Imperials nor the Rebels in the ongoing Galactic Civil War.

Following the ascension of James I as monarch of the insular Hapan kingdom and the sudden assassination of Starfyre by political extremists, the power-bloc quickly disintegrated. King James withdrew the Hapan commitment to the alliance and revoked his allies' access to the Nova-class Battle Cruiser. These actions were cited as one of the reasons that Alex Tylger resigned as Prime Minister of the Hapes Consortium later that year. Contemporaneously, Dunkler Klerus retired as President of the New Anzat Order and the Anzati regime slowly declined under a series of corrupt administrators.

Ultimately, Hapan relations with the Anzati regime would sour further and culminate in the Dellalt Conflict circa Year 5.

Alliance Leadership

Rulers of the Three Powers
Andrew Starfyre
Andrew Starfyre Portrait Small.png
Hapes Consortium
Hapes Consortium Emblem Year 14.png

Tholin Dur'aak
Tholin Dur'aak Portrait Small.png
Falleen Federation
Falleen Federation Emblem Small.png

Dunkler Klerus
Dunkler Klerus Portrait Small.png
New Anzat Order
New Anzat Order Emblem Small Year 4.png

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