Udo Varoo

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Udo Varoo
Udo Varoo Avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Hutt
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3.8 meters
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition, Triumvirate Space Technologies
Rank Praetor
Positions Leader of Triumvirate Space Technologies

Udo Varoo is a Hutt, leader of Triumvirate Space Technologies, a subsidiary of the Triumvirate Coalition.


Early Years

Udo was left in a plasteel container outside a Rodian orphanage on Coruscant. While unusual for an orphaned Hutt to end us at a Rodian orphanage it was not unheard of for the staff to take pity on other orphaned sentients. Other species often display an inherent dislike of Hutt with their strange eyes and bad reputations. As a results infant Hutts find it much harder to survive when left without parents. The staff at the Rodian community centre took the little Hutt under their wings and treated him like they would any other Rodian.

Joining the Triumvirate Coalition

Smaul Numsey, Udo’s childhood friend

Udo Varoo joined the Triumvirate Coalition in order to honour his childhood friend, Smaul Numsey. Having grown up at the same Rodian orphanage on Coruscant as Smaul they became the closest of friends until they went their separate ways at the age of 16. Whereas Smaul turned to a life of petty crime Udo focused his attentions on space ships.

At Smaul’s funeral, upon seeing the masses of sentients turned out to bid farewell to Smaul he realized that maybe Smaul’s path had brought him a closer group of friends and family than Udo could ever have wished for. With this in mind Udo applied to the Triumvirate Coalition right then and there to Smaul’s mentor Eimit`fy Nadgob. Udo had always shown an unhealthy obsession with starships and became an obsessive collector of starship models. As the years went by he was able to turn his attentions to the actual studying of starship construction and R&D. It was only natural for him to apply to Triumvirate Space Technologies upon joining the Triumvirate Coalition. After a relatively short time Udo’s leadership skills and natural aptitude to R&D and ship construction was recognised and he was promoted to 2IC of Triumvirate Space Technologies and head of its research department.

Triumvirate Space Technologies

When Dero Racto was promoted to Consul of the Triumvirate Coalition, he left Triumvirate Space Technologies, and as tradition dictated joined the Triumvirate Coalition. Udo was promoted to Praetor and was installed as leader of Triumvirate Space Technologies. Udo quickly turned his attention to some of the problems that had been bothering TST for some time, it's massive unorganised stockpiles of raw materials and underused factories. Dusting off the factories and turning them to production of entities other than ships as well as re-organising TST's raw materials distribution network quickly paid dividents and brought TST's materials resources back under control.

Udo then turned his eye towards the future and started preparations for TST's R&D future.

Udo's Flagship

Shortly after joining the Triumvirate Coalition Udo received an anonymous transmission containing some deep-space coordinates and a mysterious access code. Udo decided to fly to the co-ordinates immediately in order to solve the mystery. Upon exiting hyperspace he immediately spotted a massive Arquitens Light Cruiser. Cautiously flying towards it he noticed it was floating dead in space, no lights activated or engines running. Trying his luck Udo attempted to enter the ship using the access codes he had been sent. To his suprise the access codes gave him complete access and ownership of the ship!

Udo immediately headed to the cockpit, noticing layers of dust upon all flat surfaces. Activating the ships computers he looked for any relevant information as to the ship's previous owner but all data has been skillfully erased. Udo thought about this strange development, shrugged his shoulders and settled himself into the pilot seat, plotting a course back home for Pesmemben.



As a Hutt Udo has a natural aptitude for trading and commercial ventures. Being an active trader and dealer in rarities he has amassed himself a small fortune. When his reputation in trader circles become significant enough he applied for Trade Federation Citizenship. Being a Hutt with a spotless trading record and no record of any criminal activities makes him somewhat a rarity and he became the first Hutt to receive Trade Federation Citizenship in the galaxy.


Udo has a keen interest in hunting the wildlife and bandits that make the galaxy unsafe for innocent sentients. With his squads of Gand he can often be found hunting when taking a break from TST responsibilities. The trophy room on his ship is filled to the ceiling with trophies of many of the malicious creatures and bandits he has killed.