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LanguageUgnaught language [1]
Average Height1 to 1.6 meters [1]
Skin colorVarying shades of pink [1]
Hair colorWhite [1]
DistinctionsDwarf-sized porcine humanoids [1]
Average lifespanapprox. 200 years [1]


The Ugnaught are a race of small, pig like creatures known for their mechanical abilities. The Ugnaughts are native to the planet Gentes. There, they have grown to become strong, efficient creatures, able to withstand a great deal of discomfort. However, the planetary hostile environment forces them to move elsewhere. Due to their good teamwork and cooperation skills, many tribes of Ugnaughts were stolen and sold or leased as slaves. One of the nearest planets to Gentes is Bespin, where they have become an integral part of the society on Cloud City. The Ugnaughts are great storytellers, and much of their history is collected and passed on in long tales. There have also been tales about a library where they wrote down all their stories and stored them. Unfortunately, most people never believed that tale because the race is also known for their exaggeration. It is also told that whoever finds the library will have access to a large collection of ancient literature. Because of this, many have devoted their lives to discovering the location of such a library.

Ugnaughts were ruled by elected terend councils, which are led by elected ufflor officers. They were also represented in the Cloud City's Parliament of Guilds. Ugnaughts lived their lives in accordance to their "blood profession", with Ugnaught parents teaching their children their trade. Infant Ugnaughts were known as Ugletts. If the number of new Ugnaughts in a given profession exceeded the needed, a blood duel was called. When the Ugnaughts reached their twentieth year of age, these fights were held to the death, with the victor winning the right to inherit their blood profession. Despite this outdated and violent custom, the Ugnaughts were generally a peaceful people with a rich culture. [1]

When greeting an Ugnaught, it was advised to bow silently, then wait for a guttural purring as a positive response. Usage of the common intergalactic greeting "yaa-yaah" was considered a personal insult to Ugnaughts. If this occurred, it was advisable to duck and cover, as various mechanical implements would be thrown one's way. [1]

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