United Rebel Front

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United Rebel Front
Logo 000.jpg
General Information
Motto "Power And Greed Will Never Outweigh Honor and Loyalty"
Status Defunct
Leader Ara Tigranes
2IC Talia Kraken
Owner Ara Tigranes
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 63
Dissolved Year 14 Day 157
Political Information
Affiliation Rogue Squadron
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite United Rebel Front

The United Rebel Front (URF) was an independently operated ship-manufacturing company affiliated with Rogue Squadron.


Started by the remnants of the original United Rebel front after an unseen betrayal of their former leader, the new URF has put it's past behind them to start anew. The URF still continues their struggle for freedom amongst all sentients now converting to a production company to create the arms and ships they will need when that day comes. The United Rebel Front has decided to share its services to other rebels fighting in the galaxy in order to help secure their freedom. For they are striving for the same goals the soldiers of the URF seek, and will help support a common cause. The URF base is unknown to the general public, but they have a footing in a friendly corner of the galaxy from which to launch their operations. Though not heavily armed they have one thing their enemies lack... The will to fight and die for a cause they believe in. They fight for something they believe in which is what keeps them going and what kept them from falling apart. No matter what happens they will continue to fight for that cause.


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 12 Day 63: United Rebel Front is reborn as a ship construction company under new leadership.
  • Year 12 Day 63: URF High Command appointed and work begins on re-building of the company.
  • Year 14 Day 157: United Rebel Front was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.


  • United Rebel Front Banner Year 13.jpg (Year 13)