Voll Alucard

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Voll Alucard
Biographical Information
Race Mrlssi (Formerly Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation Bounty Hunter's Guild
Title Lord
Rank Leader
Prior Affiliation Lethe Merchandising (yr14), Creshaldyne Industries (yr10), Bounty Hunters Guild (yr8)

Voll Alucard was born (as a Corellian) on the planet of Corellia in Year -10. Orphaned early in his life, Voll had no family of his own while growing up and was adopted by a Corellian street gang, after several members of the gang discovered him dumped unceremoniously in one of Corellia’s more backward suburbs. Quickly learning to become independent - yet looked after generously by his gang - Voll’s earliest years were dominated by memories of petty crime and constant relocation. Moving from one back-alley to the next, Voll and his associates were constantly on the run from CorSec; which had resolved to hunt down and capture members of the gang after a high-profile raid within one of Corellia’s larger cities. Though he was surrounded by men and women older than himself, and though these men and women cared for him, Voll never discovered any replacement parental figures during his time in the gang. By the age of fifteen, the gang had become one of the most prolific of its kind – evolving from a low-key collection of street urchins to a planetary system of raiding parties and insurgency. It had also adopted an official name – ‘Corellian Knights’. Voll, though capable of looking after himself by now, stayed with the gang; for he knew nothing else. The Corellian Knights stood for nothing and nobody, however, and Voll soon longed for a greater purpose. The Knights were never completely eradicated from Corellia, but several devastating attacks by CorSec officers and the Imperial Army in Year 7 quickly convinced Voll – now seventeen – that his place in the Galaxy was elsewhere. Saddened by his departure from the gang, while eager to begin a new adventure, he soon left. After several months of wandering, a largely uneventful period in Voll’s life, he came across the opportunity to enter a new world – a new home. In Year 8, therefore, Voll joined the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Voll’s time in the Bounty Hunters Guild was, he soon found out, going to be on an altogether different scale to his time with his old gang. He originally came across the job at Corellia’s largest space-port, where he was attempting to smuggle illicit goods off-world – though he himself had never been off-world before. In a stroke of destiny, his antics soon attracted the close attention of an observing BHG recruiter. Invited onto this stranger’s ship, Voll found himself in a position to get off Corellia and into the wider Galaxy. The recruiter, impressed by Voll’s knack of keeping under the radar, was happy to offer him a trainee position within the Bounty Hunters Guild. Accepting the opportunity, Voll set about his work in earnest – soon discovering his gang was not the only criminal element in the Galaxy. Discovering the underlay of terror, insurgency and crime just beneath the smooth, orderly surface of Imperial worlds – of all worlds - Voll managed a total of thirty-two successful jobs while in the BHG; some lasting several weeks, others a matter of hours. By now, Voll had seen much of the Galaxy. He had been to Coruscant, Nal Hutta, and Mon Calamari – even once returning to his beloved Corellia. He had also amassed a sizable reserve of funds, earning these from some of his more lucrative missions. Though it is known that his jobs varied greatly in nature, most tales of his time in the BHG remain rumors.

He had seen the Galaxy by now, and knew exactly how it worked, but in Year 10, aged twenty, Voll once again underwent wanderlust. His life had been dominated by illegitimacy, and he believed it was time he branched out – created his own purpose. For the second time, Voll abandoned his home. He could now manage interstellar travel on his own (with his own selection of vessels), and the whole Galaxy lay before him. Remembering his time in the BHG with fondness, though not regret, Voll soon joined Creshaldyne Industries, a legitimate business venture where he hoped to expand his skill-sets. It was a wise choice. Voll learnt there was more to the Galaxy than travelling aboard a ship; relying on crime to survive. He became a legal, respectable, and well-known trader, and proved skillful when it came to manufacturing goods. For years, Voll continued to amass vast personal wealth, and his list of friends and associates grew almost daily. His run-ins with the law were no longer necessary. Through a combination of luck, skill and longing for more, Voll had managed to become truly self-sufficient. By Year 14, he was among the richest and most well-connected persons in the Galaxy; his initial ambitions satisfied at the tender age of twenty-four.

Now an Honorary Guest of State at Lethe Merchandising, Voll no longer relies on organizations to provide for him. His life a true rags to riches story, he prefers a more relaxed, almost freelance lifestyle, looked up to by many as an example of success. But this is not to say Voll’s life is any less eventful than it was five years ago. After the Metamorphosis Virus ravaged the Galaxy early in Year 14, Voll – while on a leisurely hunting trip – was himself transformed from humble Corellian into new Bothan. Hospitalized for several weeks, Voll recognized the benefits coming with such a change – with Bothans renowned for their espionage, the species seemed to compliment Voll perfectly. But he despises his appearance, even as he continues to become accustomed to the change. As such, he insists on wearing some sort of headgear wherever he goes – mask or helmet, he is determined not to reveal his new nature to any he meets. He has already made his fortune, earned his reputation, and had his share of action, but some forget Voll is still in his mid-twenties. With decades of work ahead of him, there is surely still much to come from Voll Alucard.

Lethe Merchandising was dissolved on Year 14 Day 147. Voll is currently enjoying the freelance lifestyle.

Voll recently underwent cybernetic surgery in an attempt to make himself a more efficient hunter/killer. However, the operation failed completely. The cybernetic was damaged during the installation and is now permanently fused. Voll has recovered from the surgery but is now, unfortunately, a damaged and faulty cyborg.