Vorian De`Fel

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Vorian De`Fel
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Savria De`Fel
Father Atrinius De`Fel
Spouse None
Siblings Error
Children Unknown
Born Year -17, Day 187
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Recruit


Vorian can display a charming and charismatic side when wished, but can shift swiftly to ruthlessness when necessary. In either case, he projects a dominating personal presence and is deeply persuasive, with an aura of command nearly unparalleled by his peers. Vorian has a sense of his own aura, refusing to show weakness, strong emotion, or inappropriate behavior before subordinates, unless deeply troubled, from whom he demands nothing short of excellence. Among the few feelings he displays is impatience with subordinates who take up his time unnecessarily or are roundabout in their reports, as well as anger at failure and opposition. A man of tremendous intellectual power, Vorian cultivated his mental abilities as a youth, demonstrating extensive ability in multiple avenues. He is an accomplished philosopher and poet, and provided major developments in starship design and xenobiology. A polyglot, he commands High Galactic, Bocce, Huttese, Sullustese, Shyriiwook, and Dosh in addition to his native Galactic Basic Standard. Furthermore, Vorian is adept in both the political and military fields. A master of high-level politics, he is also an outstanding commander in the field, an expert in grand strategy as well as fleet and siege tactics. He has a great aptitude as an administrator. Being known for being highly efficient and known for keeping careful track of resources and personnel, always recalling a potentially useful asset.

“…a determined man with an iron will and tremendous ambition. For all his confidence, though, Vorian is willing to listen to advice from trusted subordinates. Of all the Admirals, Admiral De`Fel is cunning, devious, and ruthless; in comparison to his counterparts.” – Excerpt from CIS News on the Confederate Admirals - Sometime during Year 14 while a member of the CIS

Political Times

“…for all the confidence of the city council, crime has ran rampant; corruption, and prejudice, coinciding under the term of my competitor, I promise you my fellow citizens to, through the rule of a strong reformed police force. To take to the streets a battle against crime and corruption and to bring peace, and secure a stable economy, bring order to our great city, and through our combined efforts, we will take the City of Raxus to heights our predecessors will never have imagined, through the plethora of knowledge in this city. ” Excerpt from a speech during Vorians campaign Mayor.

Vorian was quick to make use of his xenobiology knowledge, playing music and using lights that not only drew sentients to him, but also caused their bodies to release chemicals that caused them to feel awake and full of energy, this combined with the captivating and almost hypnotic speeches followed Vorian throughout a major career as Mayor, prior to this he quickly ascended through the police ranks to the rank of Police Lieutenant before retiring early and pursuing his political and Confederate Career.

The Shift

"They had no choice but, to choose and to act. The stagnation was insulting even to the lowest of our order."

A crack in the CIS, the lower ranking members rallied, crying out for change, and better leadership, when they approached the Admiral for backing, he agreed. The Confederacy was weakening, quickly, in ways that few could imagine. And so, he backed the insurrection, and shortly after the demands were made, informed the High Command of his intent to resign, quoting his desire to remove himself from a position of power in which he was tempted to attempt to push for further power. And so it was during this time Vorian returned to Coruscant, his adopted home world. He took several weeks, consolidating his followers, and delving into texts and reading the philosophy on the Empire, and came to realize that he unwittingly developed humanocentric ideals, with an extreme prejudice against Verpine and Wookies. Of all the non-human races he came to accept the most, were the Togruta, Chiss, Polissmaasan & Kaminoan; as their loyalty, and service to him in the following weeks were unexpected, and highly admirable.

Service Records

Vice Admiral
Preceded By:
Year 14 - Unknown
Succeeded By:
Leo Iscander