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The Wavingnoble's is the title given to bloodline of the Wavingstriders. Spanning close to a thousand years, the Wavingstrider bloodline is one of honor and servitude to the people they have protected. The Wavingstriders have normally kept out of the affairs of governments. But exceptions have been made on temporary occasions. Though believed to have been destroyed by the pirates during the sack of their city in Year -200. The descendants of the Wavingstriders survived the massacre and now work to restore their heritage.

Family History

The history of the Wavingstriders is like that of a worn scroll. Parts of their history is unknown to those outside of the family. Much of the family tree is filled with gaps, leaving some of the family members to be speculated. It's origins however, are quite intact.

Beginnings ( Year -956)

The homeworld of the Wavingnoble's is a mystery that only the decedents of the family know. It is speculated that their homeworld is located in the Unknown Regions, where any form of government was none existent. Others tend to think that it was located in the heart of Republic space, where they had the full protection of the Old Republic.

Though it is known that their origins began with a small village named Aurora. Aurora was a winter village built on the side of a mountain, giving it an all season snow blanket. Due to the location of the village, it's people had to import most of it's supplies from outlying villages. This was made difficult due to the Vornskr pirates, who raided the villages for supplies and slaves.

It was on fourteenth of Yelona, Day 269 that the five village leaders, their advisers and guards met in the Great meeting hall of Aurora, where they discussed how to deal with the pirate raiders. One leader, Amminius Lavar, suggested seeking help from the Republic. But they were not of sufficient importance to warrant the attention of the Republic Senate. Another leader, Conner Ravenlocke, suggested fighting pirates when they came. But few of the villages had the numbers to train a fighting force to combat the pirates.

As the leaders debated, the captain of the Aurora's guards, Var-Koran Wavingstrider, took to the podium and spoke. A wise man as well as great warrior, Var-Koran suggested that the five villages unite under one banner, in the hopes that their numbers would deter the Vornskr pirates. After some debate, the leaders agreed to unite into one village. It was agreed that the Village of Aurora would be expanded to house the population of the five villages, for it's location upon a mountain would give the people a strategic advantage. Weather or not Var-Koren had influenced the choice of Aurora as the main village is only known to the Wavingstriders.

Expansion of the village began on the twenty-second of Yelona, Day 277. A wall was erected to further protect the village from the pirates. Other improvements were included in the expansion to include more homes for the increased population. New buildings were erected to accommodate new business, and many other improvements. Among the expansion was a castle, were the leader of village would reside. But there was one problem, the original five leaders couldn't come to an agreement on who would lead the people.

It was at this time that Var-Koran, captain of Aurora's guards intervened. He told them that if they could not come to an agreement on who to elect as the village leader, then it would be left to the people to decide. The leaders agreed, for it was tradition to let the people decide who their leader would be. While preparations were made for the election, Var-Koran trained the new guards and soldiers to defend Aurora, and helped the builders with the expansion.

It was on eighth of Relona, Day 298, that the people gathered to elect their leader. It is believed that the form of election that the people used a select their leader was a form of democracy. Which was the foundations from which the monarchy was born from. At the end of the day, one of the five former village leaders, Vurren Blaise, was elected as the first leader of the new village.

With the Vurren Blaise appointed as the leader, the alliance was solidified, or so they thought. During all of this time, the Vornskr pirates watched the villages as they came together. Their leader, Akim Nooram, knew that attacking the united villages would be a disaster. So Akim Nooram had his men hold back and build up their forces, waiting for an opportunity to strike. They would get their opportunity two months later, on the first of Winter Fete, Day 361.

While the village celebrated Winter Fete, Akim Nooram attacked the village with a force he believed to be sufficient to take the village. Though they had outdated weapons and were out numbered with the walls, the people of Aurora fought on. But their Morale would take a drastic turn, for when they turned to their leader for guidance, he was gone. Vurren Blaise had taken his family and what riches he could and fled the city. Their morale all but shattered, the people lost all hope for a victory. But their salvation would come from another.

With the people on the verge of collapse, Var-Koran and his six elite guards took command of what was left of the city soldiers. Var-Koran rallied the people and within the hour, had not only turned back Akim, but had also take several pirates as prisoners. With the battle over, the people turned to their ruined village. They had lost hope in the revelation of their leaders betrayal, but had found their salvation in another.

In the aftermath of the battle, Var-Koran assumed temporary leadership of the village. He had the wall reconstructed and the homes and food supplies restored. He personally helped in the reconstruction and cared for the orphans and widows left in the aftermath of the attack. It wasn't until the tenth of Elona, Day ten, Year -955 that the village was declared safe once again. With the village safe, Var-Koran tried to step down to make way for the next leader. Only to find he couldn't, for having seen his kindness and leadership qualities, the people had made him the next leader of the village.

Surprised and taken off guard, Var-Koran accepted his position as the next leader of village. His first act as village leader, was to have the village fortified, and to have Vurren Blaise found and returned for his crimes.

Var-Koran Wavingstrider (Year -955 to -902)

Var-Koran's was know to his people as a kind, gentle and just leader. His reign was one of pece and prosperity. But it didn't start as one. With the Vornskr's pushed back, Var-Koran's immediate action was to have the village refortified. He put the builders to work on restoring the wall, while he worked on several other immediate issues.

Though scorned by Vurren Blaise for his betrayal to his people, Var-Koran put the needs of Aurora before retribution. Var-Koran had to resolve the village issue of it's food supplies. Since it's expansion, the five villages had combined their food stores, and began to barter for resources from trade ships. Since they couldn't farm outside the village for risk of a Vornskr raid.

With their food stores holding enough to last a three months, Var-Koran began to look for way to restore agriculture to Aurora. He would find the answer in the most unlikely of sources. During one of his walks around the village, Var-Koran found the entrance to one of several interconnected caverns. Some were small enough to hold rooms the size of an office, while others were large enough to hold buildings the size of a hanger, or large farms.

Var-Koran took advantage of the caverns, and set what available workers were left to work on building a agriculture system in the larger caverns. On the thirteenth of Kelona, Day 48, the workers fished construction of one of the cave farms. It was small for what Var-Koran planed, but large enough for the village to survive.

With the food crisis now settled, Var-Koran turned to the his next concern, the Vornskr's. With the treat of the pirates still at large, Var-Koran's people were at danger. He needed to show them his village wasn't one they would take without a fight. But Var-Koran couldn't outright meet them on a field of battle, for the Vornskr's had a stronger force. With no way to contact it's mother the Old Republic, the village of Aurora had only Var-Koran to turn to.

Var-Koran knew that a direct attack would be ineffective. But an indirect attack would prove to be more effective. With his elite guard's training, Var-Koran trained handpicked individuals into guerrilla fighters to combat the Vornskr's. At the same time, Var-Koran hired a hunter to find and bring Vurren back to Aurora. On the fifth of Telona, Day 115, Var-Koran's guerrilla fighters completed their training and were sent on their first strike.

On the sixth of Telona, Day 116, Var-Koran's guerrilla's sabotaged the Vornskr's fleet, essentially evening the odds. With his fleet crippled, Akim was forced to use infantry tactics to fight Var-Koran. But Var-Koran's guerrilla tactics prevented Akim from decimating the guerrilla forces.

On the eighth of Telona, Day 118, two day's Var-Koran's first strike. The hunter whom Var-Koran employed returned with Vurren Blaise, whom was brought to the Var-Koran in disgrace. Vurren and his family were brought before Var-Koran, expecting to die for their crimes. Var-Koran however, took mercy on them. He spared Vurren's family and sentenced him to eternal servitude to Var-Koran's people.

With retribution of his people now settled, Var-Koran waged a war with Akim's Vornskr pirates. Over the course of three years, Var-Koran expanded Aurora from a village to a township. His war with Akim also yelled success, with his kill/losses ratio being one hundred to one. By the fifth of Yelona, Day 260, Year -952, Var-Koran had suffered two hundred casualties to Akims two thousand. Having suffered so many casualties, and lost so many credits to Var-Koran, Akim offered a surrender to Var-Koran.

Var-Koran accepted Akim's surrender under the condition that Akim and his Vornskr pirates leave the planet and never return. Akim reluctantly agreed, and on the ninth of Yelona, day 264, Akim and his Vornskr left the planet in their crippled ships. It is believed that Var-Koran's success, along with his low casualty ratio, was contributed to his use of guerrilla warfare tactics.

With the threat of the Vornskr pirates passed, Var-Koran turned to the needs of his people. For the years that came after the war, peace and prosperity came to Aurora. Var-Koran improved trade with other towns and villages, expanded Aurora and gave it's people what they needed, a good leader. And his reward for his deeds, would be a legacy that would last generations.

On the fourth of Helona, Day 184, Year -943, at the age of forty-three. He met a woman named Kea Setra among his people. The two became good friends and over time, lovers. On sixth of Telona, Day 116, Year -938, Var-Koran married Kea. A year later, their son, Vyrr Wavingstrider was born. For the next thirty-five years the Wavingstriders lead the people of Aurora. But it soon came to and end.

On the twenty-first of Melona, Day 241, Year -902, on the day of his birth, Var-Koran died at the age of eighty-four. His passing left the people with a new leader, his son Vyrr Wavingstrider. Var-Korans legacy was written down for generations to learn, and his name is the first thing each member of the Wavingstrider learns above all. In homage to him, the people of Aurora changed the name of their town from Aurora, to Wavingaura.

Vyrr Wavingstrider (Year -902 to -855)

Vyrr Wavingstrider was thirty-five when he ascended to leadership. An almost perfect mirror to his father, Vyrr continued the reign of pece and prosperity Var-Koran had established. With his wife, Aleena Wavingstrider, he continued to expand Wavingaura's infrastructure to that accommodate the people.

On the fourteenth of Selona, Day 84, Year -879. Vyrr's leadership expanded the city of Wavingaura turned from a town to a city over the course of twenty-three years. Three years later, Vyrr and Aleena's daughter, Zara Wavingstrider, was born. Vyrr would continue to lead his people until his death on seventh of Telona, Day 117, Year -855. His daughter Zara would rise to take her fathers place.

Zara Wavingstrider (Year -855 to 800)

Not much is known about Zara Wavingstrider's reign, except that she was a close resemblance to her father, Vyrr. While not the same as Vyrr or Var-Koran in personality, Zara was know for the same kindness that was passed down in the Wavingstriders. She was however, quite stubborn and quick to act on her emotions. But her husband, Voth Wavingstrider, was open minded and slightly grounded. Which gave Zara the balance she needed to be an effective leader like her father and grandfather.

It was Zara who established the title of Wavingnoble for the Wavingstrider family. She and her husband lead the people as those who came before them until her death on sixth of Selona, day seventy-six, Year 800.

Various family members (Year -800 to -284)

With Zara Wavingstriders death, her son Keenan Wavingtrider became the next leader. His reign is unknown, but it is summarized that he lead with the same kindness as his mother and grandfathers. It is also believe he established the power to make outsiders members of the Wavingnobles. But evidence of this is inconclusive.

His wife and children are unknown, as are their children and spouses. It is believed that knowledge of these family members are known only to the descendants of the Wavingstriders. The history of Wavingaura is sketchy at best. What is known is that several alliance's were made by the leaders of the Wavingnobles, including one to the Old Republic. These alliance's were temporary and did not last, as the Wavingstrider's preferred to remain neutral.

The names of the family are unknown until the family reappeared in Year -284. The leader at the time was a young adult of twenty-three named, Titus Wavingstrider.

Titus Wavingstrider ( Year -284 to -234)

It is unknown how many members of the Wavingstrider family. It is known that the family at the time of Titus Wavingstriders leadership was theorized to be a little over a dozen blood members. With over two to three dozen non blood members.

As with most blood descendants, Titus was a kind, but shrewd leader. His rise lead his people to establish trade with other planets. Where as the Wavingstriders had kept their cities trade limited to the neighboring cities. Titus believed that the future of Wavingaura was in the open trade of other planet.

On the fourth of Kelona, Day 39, Year -261. Titus opened trade with a neighboring planet. Though trade was successfully established, it would take another ten years to establish a solid trade income. With trade established, Titus had solidified a new position for his people.

Titus, along with his wife, Kalla Wavingstrider, and their son, Evvin Wavingstrider. Were considered among the greatest leaders of Wavingaura, lasting until the death of Titus on ninth of Nelona, Day 154, Year -234. Allowing Evvin to rise to the position of leadership.

Evvin Wavingstrider (Year -234 to -200)

Evvin Waingstrider was a promising leader. Almost a perfect mirror to Var-Koran, he was thought to be the perfect leader, along with his wife, Risha Wavingstrider, and their daughter Satana Wavingstrider. Evvin was twenty-five when he rose to the position of leadership. On the twelfth of Helona, Day 192, Year -210. A series of accidents began to occur withing the city.

Evvin launched an investigation, which uncovered that the accidents were terrorist attacks on the city. Evvin took action against the attacks, sending out agents to flush the invaders out. At the time, it was unknown what the terrorist hoped to gain from the attacks, as no demands had been made. For ten years it would remain unknown, until the most devastating moment in time for the Wavingstriders.

On the thirteenth of Relona, Day 303, Year -200. A massive invasion force attacked the city of Wavingaura. It's leader was a man named Derek Tull, the new leader of the Vornskr pirates. Since their defeat nearly seven hundred and fifty years ago, the Vornskr pirate had roamed the galaxy, licking their wounds and preparing for retribution against the people of Wavingaura.

Now, they were back to finish what they started. Under Derek Tull's command the Vornskr Pirate's attacked Wavingaura, ready to destroy the Wavingstriders for good. Though most of the details of the battle are unknown, however, it is known that Evvin was not a fighter as Var-Koran was. Try as he might, Evvin couldn't hold back the Vornskr's.

The Vornskr pirate's broke the city defenses and overran Wavingaura's defensive forces. The civilians of Wavingaura tried to escape, but were cut down as they fled as the Vornskr's attacked with orders to take no prisoners. During the battle, Evvin Wavingstrider was killed. With their leader killed, it was only a matter of time before the forces of Wavingaura were decimated.

It is unknown how many Wavingaura civilians escape the massacre. It is however known that Risha Wavingstrider and her daughter, Satana Wavingstrider, escaped the the massacre. It was with them that the Wavingstrider bloodline would survive to restore their heritage.

Unknown (Year -200 to -36)

Once again, it is unknown what transpired after Risha and Satana fled Wavingaura. Such information is only known to the Wavingstrider descendants, and will continue to remain such until they disclose the information.

It is also unknown where Risha and Satana went after the massacre. And the line would not resurface until almost two century's later.

Calista Wavingstrider (Year -36 to present-day)

Calista Wavingstrider was born on the fifth of Welona, Day 330, Year -36. She was a spirited, lively and kind child growing up, having all the qualities of a Wavingstrider to influence her personalty. Her hobbies were tinkering and flying ships of all kinds. Making her an expert pilot and mechanic. When she turned twenty, she left her home and went to explore the galaxy.

Her adventures are unknown, like most Wavingstriders. Two years later, she met a young Varon Rethera. She was charmed by the young merchant, and the two soon fell in love. A year later the two were married, with Calista breaking tradition and taking Varon's last name, Rethera. A year later, their son was born, Tal-Koren Rethera (Wavingstrider).

The couple were happy for the bundle of joy that was their's. But it wouldn't last. Over the years of watching her son grow up, she saw her husband change before her. Becoming a strict, down to the ground man. Who forced Tal-Koren to commit his time to his studies, rather then the stories his mother told him.

When he was older, she helped keep his secrets hidden from his father. Believing that he wasn't doing what was best for their son. She didn't like wit when the governors daughter, Asha Novar, began to pine for her son. When her son's secret was discovered, and Varon sent Tal-Koren to the Tatooine orbital boarding academy, she was left lonely without her son.

She enjoyed her son's breaks from the academy, even more when her son returned for the last time with his friends and first love interest, Satra Varga . She absolutely adored them, including her Satra. But once again her hopes were shattered, when Varon announced an arranged marriage between Asha and her Tal-Koren.

Despite both her efforts and her sons arguments, Varon would not retract the announcement. When Tal-Koren told her and his friends he was leaving to get away from his father, she helped him prepare to leave Tatooine. Her son promised to return one day, and with a kiss goodby, he left the planet.

Her status is unknown to this day.

Tal-Koren Wavingstrider (Year -12 to present-day)

A family thought dead, will live again. A legacy once lost, will rise again. Though I walk the path of restoration alone, my will remains strong. For I am a Wavingnoble. Wavingstrider eternal.

Tal-Koren Wavingstrider

Currently, any information on Tal-Koren is being compiled, and is not available at the moment.

Other Details

Many details of the Wavingstriders were known to be buried within the descendents minds mind. Leaving little to the public to know.


The city of Wavingaura was founded on the side of mountain nearly a thousand years ago. Formally the village of Aurora, Var-Koran took the village and turned it into a city of promising power before it's destruction seven hundred years later.

It's design was unique, having part of it's infrastructure inside the mountain which it resided on. It's industry mostly consisted of farming, but technology also had a strong presents in the city industry. When Wavingaura began trading, it's commodities consisted of high tech computers and food.

It is unknown how many people escaped the city's destruction in -200. The city's location is a mystery to all but the Wavingstrider descendants.

Family crest

The Wavingstrider family crest is different from regular family crest's. Unlike a crest with one symbol, the Wavingstrider crest is composed of multiple symbols. The Wavingstrider crest is an upside down triangle with four smaller triangles inside the first.

In the upper left triangle, a symbol of the Naboo globe of peace with the healing cross in the center, it represents peace and restoration. It was once the personal symbol for Var-Korn Wavingstrider, and now part of the Wavingstrider family crest. The upper right triangle holds the the image of a book or tome, representing knowledge. Both are placed in the upper triangles to represent the high regards the family holds for both symbols.

The lower triangle holds the image of a crossed blaster and sword, representing war. Being on the bottom represents the act of war and violence being shunned by the family.

Of all the triangles, the center is what makes the crest so unique, for it has no set symbol. Instead, the symbol varies depending on the family member. Each member of the Wavingstrider takes a copy of the family crest with a blank center. The member then selects or make a personal symbol to fill the blank center.

Though the center symbols for most of the Wavingstrider crests are unknown, the symbols for Calista Wavingstrider and Tal-Koren Wavingstrider are known. Calista Wavingstrider symbol is the image of a flying fighter, presumed to be a Z-95 headhunter. Tal-Koren Wavingstrider took the center saber of the Jedi order symbol and incorporated as the symbol for his family crest.

Non blood family members

Through the course of investigations, historians have found that there were none blood members amongst the family. It is unknown when this practice was created, but the highest members of the Wavingnobles, weather it be a lord or lady, have the power to make an outsider a member of the Wavingstrider family. A ceremony is optional for the bestowing, in which the recipient kneels or bows to the contributor, who recites the following words.

By the power that is given onto me, in the name of the first, Var-Koran Wavingstrider, the last, (The person reciting the passage). And in the eye's of all witnesses, I hereby declare (Name of the recipient.) a member(s) of the Wavingstrider's. May Var-Koran light your way, and your title as a Wavingnoble last forever. Wavingstrider eternal.

Like their symbols, each member of the Wavingstrider family has changed the passage to fit their personalty. Tal-Koren was no exception. His version was more humble, and incorporated parts of the Jedi culture that he followed.

By the privilege that was given onto me, in the name of the first, Var-Koran Wavingstrider, the last, Tal-Koren Wavingstrider. And in the eye's of all witnesses, and the will of the force. I hereby declare (Name of the recipient.) a member(s) of the Wavingstrider's. May Var-Koran light your way, the force guide your path, and your gift as a Wavingnoble last forever. Wavingstrider eternal.

The title as a member of the Wavingstrider is past on the the children of the recipient, until the family ceases to exist. The bestower however, has the option of excluding members of the recipient's family as Wavingstrider's. To prevent those the bestower, or other blood members deem unworthy of the title.


Since their appointment as leaders of their people, the Wavingstreider's have lead with the kindness and fairness of the perfect leaders. The title of leader of the Wavingnobles was considered by the family, the only title within the family. Their people however, saw things differently.

They respected and revered the Wavingstriders with such high regard, that eventually they began to use the titles lord and lady to the current leader. The Wavingstriders however, didn't clam any nobility. Over time, the title became more of a tradition then a rank of society for the family. It is unknown if prince, princess or other titles were/is used for the other members of the family.