Werda Mird

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Werda Mird
Biographical Information
Race Whipid
Homeworld Born: Toola Now: Mandalore (planet)
Clan Krie'ger
Father Darr Korris(adopted)
Born unknown
Languages Mando'a, Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Krie'ger, Mandalore, Werda Holdings

Werda Mird is a Whipid Mandalorian serving in Mandalore Military.


The Whipid was probably born on Toola. Since his Clan was raided and enslaved by Slavemakers during his very early years nothing is known about his detailed Origin. Even his name from this Time isn't known. Still, at a young age, he was purchased by a Pirate Group. Due to his young age, he counted as formable and the Leader of the Pirate Group aimed at getting a personal Whipid Bodyguard and Killer.

Responsible for his Training was an Mandalorian Mercenary just named Mird. Besides training the Whipid in Combat Mird also taught him about the Mandalorian Heritage and Culture and gave him a Name: Werda(Mando'a: darkness - archaic). Werda is Mando'a and is an archaic vocab for Darkness cause regardless of his height the Whipid with the dark fur was excellent in Sneaking around, getting a deadly unseen Sniping Shot on his Targets. Also the Planet Werda in Mandalore(System) which is fully covered by Ice remembered at the Whipid Homeworld Toola

Somewhere prior Year 14 Security Forces took care of the Pirate Group. Mird died in the Battle while Werda got injured and imprisoned. On Interrogation, he named himself Werda Mird from Mandalore. Due to his forced joining the Pirate Group, he wasn't imprisoned for too long and was able to reach a Starspeeder Ticket bringing him to Mandalore.

Mandalore Academy

On Year 14 Day 63 he signed up in Mandalore's Military Academy. [...]

Active Time in Mandalore Military

Werda joined the Krie'ger - a Mandalorian Clan led by Darr Korris and Ronhar Karath. [Missing] Later Darr Korris became unavailable for about a year. Werda took the Leadership of the Clan at this time to manage the everyday needs. In Year 16 Darr Korris shortly returns, but refused when Werda offered to return control back to Darr. However, a few months later Darr was unseen again until today. [Missing] He was also known as one of the best Pazaak Players this time taking part in multiple Tournaments.

Trading Career

By the time Werda Mird became more and more distracted from his Military Tasks by his Trading and Business Opportunities resulting in year 16 in the founding of Werda Holdings. Since Werda later disappeared mostly Werda Holdings dissolved again, but Werda Mird however has built up an good Reputation in Trading Community as well as some Wealth. [Missing]