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Wesley Hugh Calais, known simply as Wes Calais is a 34-year-old investor, hunter, a former security contractor, and current Chief Financial Officer of the Amitus Corporation. He's married to the Dr. Jasmine Natalia Calais.

Wesley Hugh Calais
Biographical Information
Race ½ Hapan / ½ Corellian
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Fawn Calais Corellian
Father Unknown Hapan
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jasmine Brooks
Siblings Unknown
Born Y-15 D178 (34 Years Old)
Languages Galactic Basic
Quote "A trailblazer isn't a leader, for all he's done is seen it first. A builder sets the stone for others to follow in their footsteps."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Amitus Corporation, Calais Investments.



Standing at 6½ft (1.983m) tall he's one of the taller members of his peers, but still dwarfed in comparison to Togorians, Wookies and the like. With dirty blonde hair that changes in length depending on the season, it grows exponentially faster than most Hapans due to his mixed genetics. Often seen with a well-trimmed beard year round. His blue eyes are easily seen by those who converse with him.

His skin is marred with scars along his back and sides from his youth as a slave in the outer rim, though most are hidden under the clothing he wears. His toned body a result of time spent fighting in the streets and working as a security contractor for various organizations.


As of present, Calais has been seen working with the founders of Amitus Corporation/Engineering. Often meeting with Marc, Tingo, and Kellen as they progress with their plans for the company.

Upon the departure of Tomas o`Cuinn from the Amitus Corporation, Mr. Calais took over as acting Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him former banking experience and budget management, and auction planning.

Wesley Calais is married to Jasmine Brooks, formerly a Doctor of the Mecrotica owned company, Xucphra.

Jasmine Brooks

Their history involving a prior engagement before he disappeared after a shuttle accident on the planet Candoria. After his return, he found she'd assumed he was dead and had attempted to move on to another, throwing Wesley into a spiral of depression and regret.

He spent many weeks talking to her over the comms and in person at lunches and dinners telling her how he felt about her and how he'd never of left her alone had he had any control over the situation. After months of effort, he finally gave into the belief he'd never have her back and made one last ditch attempt at a confession before he walked away. It was there that he learned she'd left the man she was seeing Vee Null citing her lack of connection she had missed from being with Wes. It was here they picked up where they left off, quickly catching up to where they had been prior to his accident that almost changed his life completely.


Early Youth

Slave Years

Later Years